Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series

Our new report changes the conversation about the importance of threat hunting.

What we cover in the latest report

In our newest Cybersecurity Report, we explore the ins and outs of threat hunting and provide a how-to guide for creating a threat-hunting team at your organization. With clear, easy-to-follow instructions and tips from veteran threat hunters, it is a must-read for cybersecurity professionals everywhere.


Understand why threat hunting matters. It's no longer a luxury. Our experts dive into why it’s essential for businesses.


Learn how to get started. With step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow guidelines, you'll leave the report knowing how to assemble your team.


Practice and refine the craft. With tips and tricks, learn specific threat-hunting exercises you should consider implementing.


Hear from expert threat hunters. With interviews with top experts, we share their experiences in discovering new threats in their network.

Hunting for hidden threats

In our newest Cybersecurity Report, learn how to incorporate threat hunting into your organization.

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ThreatWise TV: Exclusive interview with Steve Martino

Cisco CISO Steve Martino talks about the challenges of protecting a company like Cisco from cyber attacks.

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The Click with Caution report challenges assumptions about the most significant threat vector.

CISO Benchmark Report

This report informs Chief Information Security Officers, and others charged with information security, about the state of their profession and keeping organizations safe.

Threat report: defending against today's critical threats

In our recent threat intelligence report, we analyzed the past to anticipate future cybersecurity trends.

Cisco 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study (PDF)

Learn about privacy, data protection trends, and best practices for enterprise governance, risk, and compliance in the 2019 Cisco Data Privacy Benchmark Study.

About the Cisco cybersecurity report series

Over the past decade, Cisco has published a wealth of security and threat intelligence information for security professionals interested in the state of global cybersecurity. These comprehensive reports have provided detailed accounts of threat landscapes and their effects on organizations, as well as best practices to defend against the adverse impacts of data breaches.

In our new approach to thought leadership, Cisco Security is publishing a series of research-based, data-driven studies. We've expanded the number of titles to include different reports for security professionals with different interests. Calling on the depth and breadth of expertise from threat researchers and innovators in the security industry, the 2019 series includes the Data Privacy Benchmark Study, Threat Report, CISO Benchmark Study and Email Cybersecurity Report. Other reports will be released throughout the year.

The 2019 Duo Trusted Access Report

Authentication data shows how customers are using the principles of zero-trust security.

Lessons from monitoring the wireless network

We partnered with RSA to bring you the first-ever RSA Conference SOC report.

Threat of the Month

Interested in more recent threat content? Check out our latest cybersecurity threat intelligence blog series.

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