Cisco Network Convergence System 6000 Series Routers

Cisco Network Convergence System 6000 Series Routersview expanded image

Converged, Elastic, Scalable

The Cisco Network Convergence System 6000 (NCS 6000) helps enable superior network agility, packet optical convergence, and petabits-per-second system scale. The series facilitates the Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) to support virtualization and programmability at the lowest total cost of ownership, while delivering high-bandwidth mobile, video, and cloud services to end users.

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Support virtualization and programmability at the lowest total cost of ownership. (2:59 min)

Design a Virtualized Infrastructure

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Features and Capabilities

With NCS 6000, your network can bring new levels of programmability and virtualization that have never before existed and at system-wide scale. You can enhance application service offerings, increase provisioning speed, and optimize your network economics.

Running the virtualized, Cisco IOS XR operating system, the Cisco NCS 6000 Series advances distributed routing and virtualization. This modularity provides a path to nonstop operations during software image upgrades or module changes. With virtualized IOS-XR running on the NCS 6000, you can increase application service offerings, speed up provisioning velocity, and optimize network economics.

The Cisco NCS 6000 Series includes the following engineering innovations:

  • Industry-leading Cisco nPower X1 network processor units (NPUs)
  • Hardware-enabled true zero-packet, zero-topology loss (ZPL/ZTL) In Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)
  • Ability to scale beyond one petabit in a multi-chassis configuration
  • Enhanced operations support
  • Packet-optical integration

Avoid service interruption with:

  • Intelligent distributed architecture
  • Operationally efficient and redundant hardware

The NCS 6000 increases environmental efficiency, using an adaptable power consumption model for both the ASIC and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) photonics technology. These technologies give the NCS 6000 the lowest carbon footprint in service provider routing today. You can easily configure efficiency, adapting each line card's power consumption to the number of ports used.

The NCS 6000 optimally supports control plane integration between the router and optical extensions for configuration, monitoring, proactive redundancy, and scalability. You can efficiently deliver cloud, video applications, and Internet of Everything (IoE) capabilities to your customers.

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Specifications at a Glance

  • Powered by the Cisco nPower X1 NPU, a state-of-the-art, programmable forwarding ASIC (nPower delivers the industry's first ZPL/ZTL ISSU capability)
  • Single-chassis system
  • 8 Tbps of full-duplex network bandwidth using 8 line cards
  • Each line card runs up to 1 Tbps throughput, using a mix of 10, 40, or 100 Gbps interfaces per card

The NCS 6000 provides many modular optics options to meet a wide range of distance requirements. In a multi-chassis configuration, it can be expanded to support up to 128 Tbps of full-duplex forwarding throughput.

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