Turning data into insight

Intuition is what drives us as humans. Now that same force can drive your network. Simplifying management to turn hours of work into seconds, automating processes to lower costs and using analytics to improve performance. Introducing an entirely new era of networking. The Network. Intuitive.​​


Move faster

Move faster

Provision thousands of devices across your enterprise. Act fast with centralized management. Automate device deployment.

Lower costs

Lower costs

Reduce errors with automation. Policy-driven deployment and onboarding deliver better uptime and improved security.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Predict problems early. Use actionable insights for optimal performance of your network, devices, and applications.


Secure policy

Secure policy

Define user and device profiles that facilitat​e highly secure​ access and network segmentation based on business needs.

Simple design

Simple design

Design your network using intuitive work flows, starting with locations where your network devices will be deployed.

Proactive assurance

Proactive assurance

Use insights from DNA Analytics and Assurance to deliver a consistent experience and proactively monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize your network.

Related technologies


Supporting the DNA Center, this open, programmable platform offers policy-based automation to simplify and abstract the network.

Network Data Platform

Analytic algorithms based on Cisco best practices promote assurance within DNA Center by collecting information from multiple sources, devices, applications, and users.

Identity Services Engine

Gain highly secure access control. With far-reaching, intelligent sensor and profiling capabilities, ISE reaches deep into the network to deliver superior visibility.

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