TelePresence: In-Person Experiences for All

Telepresence is the next generation of video conferencing

Ten years ago, Cisco recognized shifts in global work practices that required new approach to video communication. We realized that technology needed to evolve to allow people to communicate and collaborate in a more social, more virtual, more mobile and more visual way.

Five years ago, we introduced telepresence to bring people together virtually, with an experience so real and lifelike that you felt like you were in the same room as someone even when they were thousands of miles away. Hundreds of millions of "in-person" meetings have taken place, changing how people work, allowing them to do more with less time and to do it across the globe. What started out as a technology that would alter the way we meet has evolved into something much more. It is transforming the very way that organizations do business. Forever changing how a stroke patient in a small town receives an opinion from a specialist in a big city, how a student in the United States learns a new language from a teacher in Spain and how a petroleum rig operator in the North Sea seeks subject matter expertise from an engineer in Houston

This is just the beginning. As the creator and market leader of telepresence, Cisco is positioned to lead the next evolution.

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