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Small Business Technology Learning Hub

Webinars, guides, and resources to help to digitise your business.

Your small business is our big priority.

Cisco is proud to be working with Telstra to equip Australian small businesses with the technology skills and know-how to run a successful digital business.

This learning hub has been designed to provide you with the latest technology insights, guides and webinars to help you stay ahead of the game and covering key IT areas from cybersecurity, digital innovation, and team collaboration.

IT Basics

Resources to help get you started

The race to digitise is on. Is your business ready? (Blog)

A small business success plan for managing digitisation and building resilience. 

Small business Collaboration Checklist (Guide)

Learn how collaboration tools can support working in the digital-age. 

What is SD-WAN and why should your business care about it? (Blog)

What is a software-defined wide area network and how can it help your business?

The foundations of networking: switches, routers, and wireless access points

Learn how switches form a key networking building block that connect your devices to each other.

Learn how routers securely connect your small business to the rest of the world and connect your devices, including laptops and printers, to each other.

What is a wireless network? (Guide)

A wireless local-area network (LAN) uses radio waves to connect devices such as laptops and mobile phones to the Internet and to your business network and its applications.

Understand the importance of how a wireless access point enhances your network and what role it plays. Learn more about the different types of access point configurations.

Work from anywhere

Meet and collaborate securely with employees and customers.

You just need the right solutions—not IT expertise—to set up remote employes. 

Tips for remote work (PDF)

Get five key tips to help keep your employees productive and your business secure. 

Smart strategies for small business (PDF)

Find out how to manage remote workers while helping to keep your business secure. 

Work-from-home guide (PDF)

Get essential information for setting up remote workers in your small business. 

7 tips for remote working for small business (Webinar)

Working remotely shouldn’t mean working in isolation. Check out the 7 tips for small businesses to work from anywhere successfully.

Cloud-based remote worker solutions (Webinar)

Cisco Meraki offers a suite of cloud-based technology. See how it can help small businesses support remote workers. 

7 ways to keep remote teams engaged (Blog)

Your team is working remotely, now what? Learn about our top tips for keeping remote workers engaged. 

Business Recovery with Mark Bouris – Episode 1 (Webinar)

As businesses shift to remote and blended working models, what are the necessary tools and strategies to keep your business humming?

Cybercrime protection

Help safeguard your business from identity theft, hackers, and Internet attacks.

Keys to preventing cybercrime (PDF)

Learn four key ways to prevent cybercrime in your business. 

Protect against cybercrime (PDF)

Help keep your small business secure from attacks. 

IT security makeover

Explore the winning security recipe created by an IT pro from the Michelin three-star restaurant The French Laundry. 

5 Cybersecurity tools to empower your business (PDF)

Traditionally, technology has served as the foundation for data protection. Yet, as cyber threats continue to evolve, so do the tools businesses need to prevent them. 

What is a VPN?

Learn about Virtual Private Networks and how they can help secure your business.  

What is network security?

Learn about the different types of network security and what they do to help you make informed choices to protect your business.

A hands-on guide to cybersecurity (Webinar)

  • Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity to keep your business and its data safe and secure.

Always-on small business

Enjoy easy installation and reliable IT services using cloud technology.

Why always-on makes sense (PDF)

Find out three reasons always-on technology makes sense for small business. 

Adapt to changes with always-on technology (PDF)

Keep your small business IT flexible and resilient. 

LeanIX customer story

German software provider LeanIX leverages Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed IT solutions from Cisco Meraki to build a high-density network for saving time and money with technology that simply works.

Business Recovery with Mark Bouris – Episode 3 (Webinar)

Learn bour digital tools and strategies to keep your business running with ‘always-on’ technology. 

Workplace monitoring

Use tools for safe distancing and real-time monitoring.

Monitoring your premises (PDF)

Get a three-point plan for monitoring your workplace. 

Keep an eye on your small business (PDF)

Monitor the people, places, and things in your workplace. 

Miami-Dade Public Library System

Cisco Meraki makes life easier for two IT admins managing 50 libraries' networks. 

Business Recovery with Mark Bouris – Episode 2 (Webinar)

Learn about digital tools and strategies to keep an eye on your business premises when you can’t be there in person.

New office

Improve productivity and security in shared physical workspaces.

Create a reliable small business (LAN) local area network that transports data, voice, video, and wireless.

Setting up a new office (PDF)

Ask yourself five questions before setting up a new office. 

When you need a new office (PDF)

Get connected in minutes. Set up your business to succeed, now and in the future. 

New-office Essentials guide (PDF)

Setting up a new office can be challenging and rewarding. Get the essential guide to doing it right.

Win a Small Business IT Makeover

Digitise your business with Cisco

Your chance to win.

The way we do business has changed. Reliable and secure IT matters more than ever before. Having a predictable customer experience is critical. Reliability is a must and flexibility to support employees working from anywhere, across multiple devices is the new benchmark.

Cisco is excited to announce the launch of the “Small Business IT Makeover Giveaway”. This giveaway is open to all Australian small businesses who have registered for the Telstra “Go Digital” consult, with two makeovers to be won worth up to $30,000 each.

Register now in two simple steps:

Step 1: Register for a Telstra Go Digital Consult 
Step 2: Register for the Cisco IT Makeover Giveaway 

This competition is well-suited to a small or mid-sized business with more than 5 employees, with remote and/or office-based employees.

Prize includes:

  • Cisco Meraki Router
  • Cisco Meraki Dome Camera​
  • Cisco Meraki 4g Modem
  • 3 year of Enterprise and Security licenses
  • Cisco Webex Desk Camera’s
  • 562 Wireless Dual Headset’s
  • Room Kit Mini with Touch10
  • Consult and Install
  • Opportunity to be featured in a Case Study developed by Cisco 

Terms and conditions apply.