Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW and Cisco partner to transform the future of transport

Transport for NSW is partnering with Cisco to carry out a range of trials that utilise innovative world leading technology to reduce congestion and create connected safer journeys for the community. This partnership sets out to use technology to solve some of the toughest challenges in transport and accelerate the benefits of a digital transport system to the community of NSW.

The work being done with these trials seeks to transform the transport system in NSW by digitising assets across multiple transport modes such as busses, ferries and light rail vehicles. Enabling a real-time view of supply and demand and performance creates the foundation for new services, emerging travel options, new travel experiences and connected safer journeys for the New South Wales community to enjoy. 

We are growing the network with cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Game-changing projects and partnerships will shape NSW cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

– Rob Sharp Secretary Transport for NSW

IoT Insights for Public Transport

TfNSW is currently trialling Cisco IoT Edge Computing technology to monitor real-time condition reporting across buses, ferries and light rail vehicles to provide real-time visibility into impending issues and enable data driven decision making. 

AI Insights for Transport & Cities

In central Sydney on Pitt St, near Central station, Cisco is implementing AI, Wi-Fi and Edge Computing to understand real-time changing travel patterns in the precinct, which is known for its high foot traffic on buses, trains, light rail vehicles and pedestrians. The system is being used to identify rising congestion and high-risk events. 

Newcastle Digital Transport Precinct

Access to safe and efficient transport in Regional NSW continues to be a priority for TfNSW. This trial will bring together a number of different cutting-edge technologies including IoT, AI and Edge Computing across several busses, ferries and light rail vehicles. Additionally, three intersections will also be out fitted using intelligent sensors to enable real-time insights into road user behaviour enabling connected safer journeys and ultimately empowering mobility for the community.

Road Condition Monitoring Program

Cisco has been leading the trial of world first technology innovation in sensors that can map the roads of NSW using public transport, such as buses, to identify maintenance requirements for cracks and potholes. This represents a shift from analogue to digital, in which real time insights into pothole locations can be found using AI, sensors and machine learning solutions.