Episode 3: Managing Critical Infrastructure Environments with Industrial Asset Vision

If the past year has demonstrated one thing, it’s that businesses need to remain agile, become safer, and find ways to be more resilient. To adapt and thrive, work environments are being reimagined by leveraging smart sensors and monitoring applications to access data remotely to increase efficiencies and improve employee safety.

Cisco Industrial Asset Vision is a simple, secure, all-in-one, cloud-managed solution for visualising asset and facility conditions. This turnkey solution enables operations managers to:

  • Improve employee safety and efficiencies by preventing unnecessary site visits and equipment checks
  • Lower expenses by avoiding premature equipment failure
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing operational downtime and network outages

The offering includes a portfolio of industrial sensors with long range, all on-boarded using the mobile installer application running on a smart device.

Cisco Industrial Asset Vision brings together OT and IT requirements for a better understanding of the collective status of a field or remote asset. The simplicity of onboarding remote IoT sensors and gateways, with the backing of Cisco network security and connectivity capabilities, makes this solution IT friendly. The ease of retrieving asset insights creates a higher level of comfort for OT and helps with making more timely business decisions.

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