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Cisco Digital Schools Network
Learn without limits

Helping Students Learn Without Limits

Today’s leading schools are innovating faster than ever. Students are no longer confined to traditional learning environments – they’re learning anywhere, on any device, in ways that reimagine what’s possible. As part of this approach, schools are drawing on active learning, collaborative learning, entrepreneurial learning and project or problem-based learning to help their students address real-world issues using skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and communication, to prepare them for the digital world.

About the Digital Schools Network

Cisco, a global technology leader in education, understands how to help schools innovate to drive higher levels of student engagement and improve learning outcomes. We also understand the power of networks. That’s why we’ve applied our knowledge and expertise to create the Digital Schools Network, a community-based program designed to enable educators and students to connect, collaborate, learn and share experiences and resources within a secure digital collaboration platform – to transform traditional schools into Digital Schools.

Program Benefits

The guiding principle of the Digital Schools Network is to create better teacher, student, parent and community experiences by enabling connections and collaborations, through the use of innovative solutions.

The program is expected to create four major benefits for schools:


Access to compelling learning content

Schools will be able to run joint classes or sessions with local and international schools. They can also participate in live virtual excursions and joint professional development opportunities.

Access to implementation experiences that helps schools realise benefits faster

Access to thought leadership and practical information that will help inform critical decisions and de-risk the implementation process. 

Access to global perspectives on teaching and learning

Participating schools can share and learn from relevant perspectives, either through joint classes or by participating in online communities of interest on a range of discussion topics.

Access to market-leading technology

Access to Cisco’s world-leading Webex Teams secure digital collaboration platform. 

How It Works

Catering to all Schools

As it is critical to build a network that caters to schools at different points in their technological journey in education, a two-tier school membership structure has been created for the Digital Schools Network.

Member and Leading Schools

All approved schools will initially join the network by default as a ‘Member School’, and will be offered the free licence use of Cisco Webex Teams*. This ensures Member Schools will be using at least one Digital Technology during their participation in the network. Subsequently, Member Schools who use multiple Digital Technology use cases within their school can apply to be promoted to the ‘Leading School’ tier to enjoy additional benefits.

Member Schools (All schools initially, with use of Webex Teams)

Selected access to program, including:

  • Collaboration with other schools on Cisco Webex Teams platform
  • Access to education thought leadership materials, workshops, and more

Leading Schools (Demonstrate use of multiple Digital Technology Use Cases)

Full access to the DSN Program, including:

  • Attending Digital Education Schools Virtual Summit 
  • Priority access to activities such as events and workshops, mentoring programs, and Cisco Connected Educator program 
  • Early access to Cisco Education thought leadership materials and more


*Please refer to Webex Teams license and terms and conditions.

Digital Schools Technology Use Cases

The Cisco Digital Education Architecture is your framework for student success in a digital world. Built on a highly secure core network, the architecture provides uncompromising collaboration tools, state-of-the-art wireless, and security everywhere.

Connect with your Cisco Account Manager to learn more about these Technology Use Cases and build a digital plan for your school.

Join the Digital Schools Network

The following are the steps to becoming a Digital Schools Network member:

Calendar of Activities

Stay up to date with the latest and upcoming activities taking place in the network.

Education Programs

Schools participating in the Digital Schools Network gain access to a wide range of Cisco’s educational programs for both students and educators. These include:

Cisco Networking Academy

Connect to Cisco’s networking academies and expose students to jobs of the future in areas such as cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

For 20 years, Cisco Networking Academy has changed the lives of over 8 million students in 180 countries by providing education, technical training, and career mentorship.

Cisco Connected Educator

Designed to empower educators for the digital age, the Cisco Connected Educator program gives teachers access to Cisco’s suite of collaboration tools to enhance their students’ learning opportunities. The program allows teachers to earn “Cisco badges” as they demonstrate their ability to use world-class Cisco video and collaboration technologies, enhancing teaching and learning in real-world settings.

    Cisco in Education

    Cisco is leading the digital transformation in K-12 and higher education around the world with technologies that allow students to #LearnWithoutLimits.

    Cisco is an Education company

    We work with tens of thousands of schools, colleges, and universities around the world to support education inside and outside the classroom.

    Why Cisco for Education?

    See the top six reasons why schools and universities around the world trust Cisco.

    Transform the future of Education

    Students are no longer confined by traditional learning environments. They’re learning from anywhere, on any device, in ways that reimagine what’s possible.

    Cisco Designed for Education

    Smart, seamless, secure, and supported solutions designed for your small school or college. 

    Webex for Education

    The new Webex experience for secure distance and hybrid learning. Webex helps students keep learning whether in the classroom, at home, or somewhere in between.

    Webex Online Classes

    Get the most out of all that Webex has to offer! Check out our free online classes led by experts.