How to Transform

Access Cisco partner programs and resources to transform your business profitably.

Three transformational strategies

Align your Cisco business transformation with three strategies: offering new solutions that drive business outcomes, accessing new markets and opportunities, and providing innovative ways to meet customers’ buying preferences.

Create new solutions

Offer better outcomes for your customers and differentiate your business by developing unique solutions.

Access new buying centers

Engage with customers in new ways, expand your routes to market, and win larger deals.

Provide greater flexibility

Give your customers more options for purchasing and using Cisco technology.

Create solutions that drive customer business outcomes

Build on Cisco

Follow step-by-step guidance to build custom solutions with Cisco.

Ecosystem Exchange

Connect to the Cisco partner ecosystem and make it easy for customers to learn about your Cisco-approved solutions and services.


Understand which Cisco partner ecosystem solutions are on Cisco’s global price list and available for purchase. 

Incentives available for partners

Access performance incentives for eligible go-to-market activities.

Portfolio explorer

Explore the use cases and architectures your customers want and find potential co-sell partners.

Cisco developer network

Cisco delivers tools and insights to create more secure, intelligent, and connected software­—no matter where you build.

Access new buying centers with multipartner co-selling

Partner Experience Platform Digital Co-sell

Come together with Cisco and other partners to reach new buyers and jointly deliver more profitable solutions.

Partner Connect

Use our AI-driven engine to get matched with other co-selling partners and find new opportunities and deals.

Black Belt Transformational Practice Building

Access the training you need to learn about the latest transformation initiatives, pilots, and success stories across Cisco.

Co-selling strategy

Multipartner co-selling amplifies all routes to market, leading to increasing profit margins and differentiated value.

Co-marketing demand generation tool kit

This tool kit includes resources to help partners scale marketing efforts, drive demand for products and services, and accelerate new RTM.

Provide flexibility in how your customers consume and pay

Enterprise Agreement 3.0

Sell EA 3.0 and bring the power of the entire portfolio under a single agreement that can scale up or down for customers.

Service Provider Network Agreement

Provide your customers with flexible consumption options for Cisco service provider software technologies.

Managed Services License Agreement

Offer this consumption-based software licensing model designed for Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers.

CX IB methodology

Gain visibility into your customers’ installed base to identify opportunities and simplify their contract landscape.

Lifecycle Advantage

Maximise recurring revenue, automate processes, and uncover new opportunities to connect with your customers.

Software-led recurring revenue

Learn how to build a software-led recurring revenue business and get started with a Partner Business Transformation Assessment.