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Become a Cisco Learning Partner

Interested in becoming a part of the Cisco Learning Partner (LP) program?

Cisco Learning Partners deliver authorized training to support core Cisco technologies and career certifications worldwide. Working with Cisco Learning Partners for all their educational needs enables organizations to maximize the value of their investment in Cisco products and solutions.

Organizations within the Cisco Learning Partner Program offer authorized training materials, instruction to pass certification exams, and training on state-of-the-art Cisco technologies and labs. Cisco sets high standards to ensure our Learning Partners are well positioned to help our customers succeed.

Learning Partner requirements

All LP applications go through a review and acceptance process. All LPs come into the Program as an Authorized Learning Partner based on qualification but also only if there is a need for additional Partners in that country, region, or market.  The application process will typically span from 60-90 days (from Application Submission to being fully Onboarded/Active LP). Please note this timeline is heavily dependent upon the successful completion of the initial LP Application and LP Application Enrollment form, including any additional information requested by Cisco, and the applicant’s ability to provide accurate documentation.  

To become an LP, an organization must meet the following requirements:

  • At least two resources fulfilling the following roles:
    • Account Manager
    • Cisco Engagement Manager: This role may also be shared with the above role.
    • Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI): See below for additional information on CCSI certification.
  • Two references, which must be from this list. (Cisco reference will be contacted for feedback regarding your entry to the Cisco Learning Partner program.)
    • Cisco Account Team
    • Cisco Channel Team
    • Cisco Executive Team
  • Currently an authorized training provider for at least one vendor, such as:
    • Microsoft
    • Red Hat
    • VMware

CCSI and certification process

A CCSI candidate must be identified at the time of application and will first need to earn any Cisco certification (if he or she isn’t already Cisco-certified).

Next, the candidate will attend a rigorous two-day Instructor Certification Program (ICP) event, which examines the capabilities and skills for interactive and engaging classroom instruction in a technical environment with hands-on technical laboratory exercises. (You will need to enroll the candidate.)

In addition:

  • The CCSI candidate must achieve passing scores in both the technical and instructional assessments to achieve a CCSI certification.
  • To complete the ICP process, the CCSI candidate must purchase the required annual Instructor Kit Membership and accept the CCSI Agreement.

Ongoing business requirements

As an LP, your organization will be expected to meet the following requirements. Details will be provided during onboarding.

  • Train a minimum of 100 students per year (average of 25 per quarter) either instructor-led or digital.
  • Collect post-class evaluations for at least 50% of students attending any training event, measured annually.
  • Maintain a customer satisfaction score of 4.25+ through our external survey tool.

LP application request

If your organization meets the Learning Partner program requirements outlined above and would like to proceed with the application process, please click on the button below to request an application. The Learning Partner Program team will be monitoring the progress of your submitted application and provide a status once the LP Approval Committee has reached a final decision.