Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2023

Powering the experience-driven institution

A classroom is no longer just a room—it's wherever a student is. Through secure and flexible learning, Cisco securely connects your students, faculty, and administrators—no matter where they are.

Thank you for joining Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2023. Where we explored our solutions for higher education through demos, speaking sessions, and more.  

Wi-Fi 6 and Beyond: Your On-Ramp to the Connected Campus

A connected campus modernizes your IT and enhances student experiences. It is always on and available to anyone anywhere. It's flexible, easily adapts to change, and depends on a reliable, fast network infrastructure.

Maximize the Campus Experience with Next Generation Observability

See how higher education institutions can leverage full-stack observability to provide the best possible application experiences for students, staff, and faculty.

Modern IT Visibility for Higher Education

ThousandEyes enables IT teams to overcome operational cloud computing challenges, streamline workflows, and deliver superior online educational experiences.

Powering the Experience-driven Institution

Cisco Wireless solutions with Applied AI create a secure, sustainable, flexible network that delivers a frictionless, unified user experience across the entire campus.

Whether you're a community college, research university, or higher education institution, count on Cisco to help you every step of the way.

Funding solutions for technology in higher education

Determining alignment across technology, programmatic objectives, and funding solutions (grants) can be mysterious for many institutions of higher education. In this session at EDUCAUSE, we explored grants that have been instrumental in supporting technology advancements in higher education. We also gave examples and practical tips for success across areas such as workforce, research, and cybersecurity.

Why Cisco for education?

Explore our full portfolio of solutions for education, including use cases with associated technology solutions.

Zero Trust for Education

Cisco enables educational institutions to embed zero trust security across the fabric of their multi-environment IT by securing access in a way that frustrates attackers, not users.

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