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Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2021

Between reacting to change and reimagining education, there’s a bridge

Thank you for joining Cisco at EDUCAUSE 2021.

Cisco solutions help educators deliver a more inclusive future for all, and we remain passionate about our administrators and teachers for being everyday heroes who ensure the continuity of learning for students around the world.

Partner with Cisco to bring together seamless solutions for distance and hybrid learning for both staff and students, where security and privacy are paramount within any size institution. Whether you’re a community college, research university, or another higher education institution that is supporting ground-breaking research or providing secure hybrid learning and services, count on Cisco to help you every step of the way. Educators everywhere trust Cisco. 

On-demand speaking sessions

Powering up Student Engagement with Esports

Esports is booming and higher education is taking a front seat in the future of Esports in a big way. Universities are investing in the development of academic programs, dedicated facilities, scholarship-supported collegiate teams, and purpose-built arenas to host collegiate competitions. This leads to a new connected student experience, greater brand recognition, and a pathway for a future in the Esport industry. But what investments are needed? What steps do you need to take to really offer the highest quality Esports in a university environment? What are the best practices for the faculty, the IT teams, the Esport support teams? What strategies, best practices can help you transform your student experience to be the best in Higher Education? University of Mississippi and Salve Regina, two universities that have advanced their own programs, shared their experiences. Special guest, Amadeus Phanthanh, Senior Program Manager for Events at Blizzard Entertainment (e.g. World of Warcraft, Overwatch) joined the discussion for the best Esports experience from the Game Publisher view.


  • Irving Bruckstein, Chief Information Officer, Salve Regina University
  • Nishanth Rodrigues, Chief Information Officer, University of Mississippi
  • Neal Tilley, Education Advisor, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Billy Sprout, Director, Collegiate Esports, Mainline

Defining Hyflex: What Does It Mean for the Future of Higher Education?

The pandemic has driven digital transformation across all higher education. The experience has been a whirlwind of changes for all. As the student and faculty came back to campus, and we all become comfortable with a dual perspective of face-to-face and online teaching happening at the same time, it’s time to take a look at the future and decide what is the best approach to hybrid learning. This panel focuses on the true definitions of hybrid learning, and what classrooms should look like for the future. This discussion will look at the institution's definition of Hyflex and discuss why it varies so much across the country. Learn about the need to holistically support all types of interaction, from LMS, synchronous tools, and new entrants that appeared across the pandemic period. Discover what will be the best standard for the classroom, and what features are needed to really embrace this new world of hybrid, flexible education environment.


  • Phil Knutel, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Babson College
  • Leah Kraus, Chief Information Officer, North Carolina Central University
  • Suzanne Phillips, Collaboration Adoption in Education, Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Neal Tilley, Education Advisor, Cisco Systems Inc.


We help you create a hybrid learning environment that is both flexible and secure, so your faculty and students can teach, learn, and collaborate—no matter where they are.

Cisco Zero Trust offers a comprehensive solution to secure all access across your applications and campus environment, from any user, device, and location.

Hybrid solutions look to bridge the digital divide to create inclusive, productive, and connected learning environments.

Cisco for Higher Education Content Toolkit

Learn how to harness the insights of the data across your campus.

Cisco education in the news

Anya Kamenetz, Educational Futurist and Lead Education Reporter for NPR provides her visions for educators as they navigate in a new global education community for all. 

Moving from education now to education next

Renee Patton, Global Director, Healthcare and Education Industries at Cisco shares which innovations from the past year will have long-lasting positive impacts in the higher education market.

Enabling the next era in education

Hybrid solutions look to bridge the digital divide to create inclusive, productive, and connected learning environments.

Leverage Contact Center SaaS
to power a hybrid student experience

The SaaS contact center assists hybrid-centric colleges and universities to bring capabilities together.

Investing in education

Leverage public funding and Cisco financing offers to reduce costs, drive innovation and improve quality of education. 

Learning never stops

To create a more inclusive learning environment, Cisco supports the world’s largest classroom with Cisco Networking Academy.

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