Cisco at AWS re:Invent 2022

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We had the pleasure of being an emerald sponsor at AWS re:Invent 2022, Amazon Web Services' largest customer and partner conference dedicated to cloud computing. There, we showed you how Cisco is making your intelligent cloud journey simplified and secured for a complex hybrid world.  
Here, you can continue to learn about Cisco and Cisco AppDynamics applications, networking, and security solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), watch our speaking session recordings and view our theater presentations from the show.

Speaker sessions

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Owning End-User Experience in an Internet World

Cloud migration, SD-WAN architectures, CDN providers, shifting workforces, SaaS applications, real-time collaboration, and other momentous changes have made it increasingly difficult to ensure reliable and consistent digital experiences for customers and employees. The gradual shift away from end-to-end control of your infrastructure has created large visibility gaps for IT professionals. This interactive session will focus on how Cisco ThousandEyes makes it possible to optimize digital experiences in modern cloud environments. Learn how to regain control and ensure success for your cloud and hybrid work initiatives by understanding, identifying, and eliminating Internet “blind spots” across your digital supply chain.

Tyler Duzan

Product Manager, Cisco ThousandEyes

Full-Stack Observability in a World that Prioritizes Applications

Cloud is not a destination but a standard operating model related to hybrid environments, pervasive APIs, services, and a mix of traditional and cloud-native apps. In a world where applications have become the business, companies face new challenges in meeting the experience expectations of their end users and employees. To address it, Cisco Full-Stack Observability provides visibility, insights, and actions delivered with correlated business context to maximize business value. In this session, you’ll learn how Cisco enables businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences optimized for performance, cost, and application security while breaking down the silos between their operations teams.

Session slides

Chief Fellow and Chief Architect, Cisco

Prioritizing People: Four Strategies that Make or Break Migrations and Beyond

With cloud technologies constantly evolving, having a skilled workforce can make or break an organization’s success in the cloud. But with 5 million cloud jobs unfilled globally as well as pressure to withstand economic and geopolitical disruptions, leaders must have a multi-pronged skills strategy to drive innovation, deliver results, and future-proof their businesses. Now is the time to prioritize your people and invest in their cloud skills. In this session, learn from AWS, Absa Group, and Cisco about strategies for building and engaging a skilled workforce, and hear about new AWS Training and Certification offerings and innovations that are building cloud skills at scale.

Session recap coming soon.

Director, Cloud Governance & Operations

It's An Application First World. Shouldn't Your Cloud Security Match?

No matter where your data and applications roam, they will touch the network. Yet, with the rise of remote access, old models don't work. So, we are told. What if we turned network security on its head with an application-first perspective? What if we could unite application visibility and control across all environments with your cloud infrastructure? And enrich data and visibility for threat hunting? Learn how to merge application-to-application controls with the network while maintaining the integrity of existing policy and your Cisco Validated Design. Providing teams with the visibility, flexibility, and actionable intelligence to rapidly adapt to change. This is Security Resilience with AWS.

Session slides

Sr. Director of Product Management Secure Firewall

Correlate Cloud App and Infra Performance Directly to Business Impact

You expect your DevOps and SRE teams to deliver flawless application experiences and support your business objectives. But to achieve this, app and infra performance metrics must be correlated to services that impact your digital business. Learn how Cisco is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring new enhancements to your cloud native observability with AppDynamics Cloud including:

  • Enhancing EKS deployments by correlating CloudWatch data and Kubernetes metrics with telemetry data across your entire technology landscape
  • Enabling full visibility and insights of cross-domain activity
  • Troubleshooting issues that impact app performance and digital business transactions

Session video recap coming soon.

VP Products, Cisco AppDynamics

Booth theater presentations



Accelerating your Cloud Adoption with Cisco on AWS Arvind Kumar, Principal Architect, Cisco
Automation and Orchestration Strategies for the Cloud-First Customers Arvind Kumar, Principal Architect, Cisco
Better Together: Cisco and AWS Cloud Native Observability Tools Cale Hilts, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco AppDynamics
Build and Operate Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Networks Mayuri Kulkarni, Director, Product Management, Cisco
Build and Operate Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Networks Use Cases Mayuri Kulkarni, Director, Product Management, Cisco
Cisco DevNet Cloud Native Sandboxes and Learning Labs Adrienne Tacke, Sr. Developer Advocate, Cisco
Cisco SD-WAN Vipul Shah, Senior Manager, Product Management, SD-WAN, Cisco
Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN Diptish Doshi, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Cisco Secure Firewall on AWS Chris Consolo, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
Delivering Flawless Experiences for Your Hybrid Workforce Sergio Licea, Global Go To Market, Cisco ThousandEyes 
Delivering Trustworthy APIs with API Insights Adrienne Tacke, Sr. Developer Advocate, Cisco
Global Hybrid Networking at Scale with Cisco Meraki (v)MX and AWS Cloud WAN Simarbir Singh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Pratik Desai, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
How Full-Stack Observability (FSO) and AWS Can Support Your Company's Sustainability Strategy Adam Lubsen, WW Business Development Manager, Workload Optimization Products, Cisco
How ThousandEyes Helps Deliver Exceptional Online Experiences Sergio Licea, Global Go To Market, Cisco ThousandEyes 
How to Approach SREs and DevOps with the Power of Full-Stack Observability Joe Byrne, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics
Internet Insights - The Secret Weapon Against Poor App Experiences Rasheim Myers, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco ThousandEyes
Leverage Open Source to Deepen Your Application Insights and Cloud Infrastructure Visibility with AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry (OTEL) Jeff Holmes, Cloud Domain Architect, Cisco AppDynamics
Migrating to AWS with Cisco Intersight Vishwanath Jakka, Product Manager, Intersight Cloud Solutions, Cisco
Observe and Troubleshoot Cloud Native Applications for IT Ops and DevOps with AppDynamics Cloud Sunny Dua, Director, Product Management, Cisco AppDynamics
Optimizing Performance and Cost in Cloud Environments: AppDynamics and Intersight Workload Optimizer Arsalan Lari, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Cisco AppDynamics
Optimizing Your AWS Spend Vishwanath Jakka, Product Manager, Intersight Cloud Solutions, Cisco
Panoptica: Cloud Native Security Solution Ariel Shuper, Cloud Security Evangelist, Cisco
Protect and Secure Business-Critical Applications in the Cloud with Cisco Secure Application for AppDynamics Manju Sunkad, Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco AppDynamics
Protecting the Hybrid Workforce and Cloud with Cisco Security Justin Murphy, Technical Leader, CloudSec SSE, Cisco
Put IT in the Driver’s Seat and Unlock New Business Value Pratik Desai, Product Marketing Manager, Cisco
Simarbir Singh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Securing Code to Cloud Wayne Brown SE Manager, AMER Elite Partners Cisco AppDynamics
Cisco Secure Zero Trust on AWS Overview Matt Brooks, Product Marketing Manager
Unlock New Business Value with Hybrid Cloud​ Pratik Desai, Product Marketing, Cisco
Simarbir Singh, Product Management, Cisco
Using Full-Stack Observability to Validate AWS Cloud Migration Ramiro Nagles, Channel Sales Engineer, Cisco AppDynamics

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Cisco on AWS: Full-Stack Observability for your app-first world

Cisco full-stack observability on Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the framework that moves beyond domain monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions across the technology stack in the multi-cloud environment, so operation teams can deliver and optimize customer experiences.

Cisco and AWS

Cisco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together to make it easier for businesses to accelerate their cloud journey. By simplifying networking across on-premises and cloud, Cisco solutions on AWS help you address common use cases in hybrid environments—including networking, cloud migration with full-stack observability, remote work, and security—to build a solid foundation for the network of the future. 


Learn how Cisco is making your intelligent cloud journey simplified and secured for a complex hybrid world with solutions spanning applications, networking, security, and more.


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