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IT Blog Awards Official Rules

Voting now open

We are thrilled with the number of amazing independent technology bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters who chose to participate in the 2021 IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco.

Weigh in now and cast your vote.

Congratulations, 2021 finalists

Blogs category

Name of Blog Twitter Handle
/dev/random  @xme
Al Rasheed – A personal Blog about IT related subjects. @al_rasheed 
Andrew Roderos @andrewroderos 
Beatriz Oliveira @thebeaoliveira 
Beginner's Forum   
Cemal Taner @tanel_cemal
Chris's Tech Journey @DedmanRollet
Cisco Redes @blogciscoredes
CiscoZine @ciscozine
CS7 Networks  
DevNet Dan @devnetdan
dmacias.org @dmacias 
Dr. Erdal Ozkaya  @Erdal_Ozkaya 
Dr. J Metz  @drjmetz
Five Layers  @betta_guru
GenXTech @mayanknauni 
Gjermund Raaen WiFi @gjermundraaen
Houman Asefi @houmanasefi 
How Does Internet Work  @jasamvalter
ifconfig.it @gp_ifconfig
IPCisco.com  @ip_cisco
Josh-V @vanderaaj
Julien Mousqueton @Jmousqueton 
JulioPDX @Julio_PDX 
Just another networking blog @Lalit1112
Koolaid.info @k00laidIT 
LearnIT with Cifelli  
Lepczynski IT @Wlepczynski 
About Networks @JeromeTissieres 
Misskecupbung  @misskecupbung 
mrncciew @mrncciew
Networking, Cloud & Automation  @_nleiva 
NoBlinkyBlinky @noblinkyblinky
Open Source Routing and Network Simulation @belinkletter 
PBIT CCIE Blog @RafidSamer
PENGUINPUNK @penguinpunk
Practical Networking '@ed_pracnet
Rotaflutuante.com @dulgoldur
SysAdminas @sysadmbr
Team Karneliuk  @AntonKarneliuk 
TechAcute @techacute 
TechHouse570 @Gkavelines
techimike  @techimike 
TechRebels @giuksbr 
The Answer is 101010 @Network_101010
The Bridge is the Root @bridgeisroot
The Journey of Binary Bits @themikewitte
The Network DNA @networksbaselin
the worlds gone mad  
Tom Costello - KD9CPB  @kd9cpb
UC Collabing @uccollabing 
Victor Virtualization @umacboyvictor 
vMiss.net  @vmiss33
VxPlanet @hari5611
WirelessNerd @Wirelessnerd 

Sorry, no results matched your search criteria(s). Please try again.

Select your favorites in each category.

Process and judging

After submissions were received, our panel of judges reviewed and qualified entries for the finalist round. Voting opens to the public once finalists are announced. Voters are asked to rank their favorite blogs, video blogs, and podcasts. Winners will be announced in February 2022.

2020 winners

Best Analysis

Best Cert Study Journey

Best Newcomer

Best Podcast or Video Series

Most Educational

Most Inspirational

2019 winners

Best Analysis

Best Cert Study Journey

Best Podcast or Video Series

Most Educational

Most Inspirational

2018 winners

Best Cert Study Journey

Best Group Effort

Best Podcast or Video Series

Most Educational


Which blogs are eligible?

Active, independent blogs (please do not submit vendor blogs).

If I write on a platform like Cisco Learning Network, LinkedIn, Medium, or Spiceworks, can I enter my blog?

Yes, as long as our judges can view it.

What do you mean by independent blogs?

We’re not in the business of judging other vendors’ or partners’ blogs. The content you write should reflect your own thoughts.

What subject matter is acceptable?

Are you writing about the trends shaping networks and how business is changing?  Do you noodle on the latest routers, switches, servers, or wireless access points?   Are you thinking about programmability, data centers, NOCs, or SOCs? Does collaboration bring you joy? You’re in the right place.

How are winners selected?

See terms and conditions.

I’m a Cisco employee.  Can I apply?

Cisco employees are not eligible to apply.  However, if you’re interested in participating as an internal judge, please contact us with subject line "IT Blog Awards Judge Application Request."

Have questions?

Email us and we’ll do our best to get you a good answer.