CTT-TAC: Basic IP Routing Concepts


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Detailed Information

In this module, you will gain a fundamental understanding of IP routing. You will also do hands-on Interface and Configuration Labs. In addition, you will also learn basic Cisco IOS IP routing commands.


At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Understand local-area networks and data-link addressing.
  • Describe the difference between a bridge and a router.
  • Discuss the basic functionality of a routing table and how routers work.
  • Understand network addressing.
  • Identify IP addresses by class and calculate subnetting and subnet masks according to addressing needs.
  • Discuss IP routing fundamentals.
  • Understand other Internet protocols such as Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).
  • Identify the differences between a routed and a routing protocol.
  • Describe the two fundamental functions of a routing protocol: path determination and path switching.
  • Define the term routing metrics and describe how routing metrics work.
  • Define the term routing algorithms , describe how they work, and understand types of algorithms.
  • Define routing loops and understand methods to use to avoid them.
  • Configure, troubleshoot, and maintain IP routing, using the appropriate Cisco IOS commands.
  • Configure a default gateway.
  • Configure a static default route.
  • Configure IP unnumbered.
  • Configure secondary IP addressing.