This document describes the new features, enhancements, fixed bugs, open bugs, and related documentation for Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) Spaces Release March, 2020. Use this document in conjunction with the documents listed in the Related Documents section.

Introduction to Cisco DNA Spaces

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Spaces is a location platform that leverages existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give you actionable insights and drive business outcomes. It is a multichannel engagement platform that enables you to connect and engage with visitors at your physical business locations. It covers various verticals of business such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education, financial services, and so on. Cisco DNA Spaces also provides solutions for monitoring and managing assets in your premises. Cisco DNA Spaces offers a variety of toolkits, apps, and APIs to turn these insights into action. In addition, Cisco DNA Spaces through its partner program, offers different apps for different verticals.

The following are the major features of this release:

  • Multiple Prefix support for adding APs to network for Cisco Wireless Controller.

  • Moved the Location Info in the Location Hierarchy, and added new Zip/postal code field.

  • Support to select multiple locations in location selection options.

  • In the Engagement rules, removed support for notification through Apps and BLE.

  • In Engagement and Location Personas rules, replaced Exiting Location with Away from the Location option that has provision to filter visits that are away for a particular duration.

  • Updated the Square Foot value in Digitization Stats to represent the total area configured for network locations.

  • Single Sign-On support for the Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard.

  • In the Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard, for Cloud Apps, support to configure customer-defined OAuth URLs.

New Features - March 2020

Cisco DNA Spaces Dashboard

The following new features are added to the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard:

Location Info

In the Location Hierarchy, the Location Info option is now moved from the More Actions menu. A new tab, Location Info, is now available to add or view the location information, in the window that appears when you click a location. Also, a new field, Zip/Postal Code, is now available in the Location Information window to specify the zip/postal code of the location. If location info fields are inherited from the parent location, then fields are shown in orange color.

Multiple Prefix Support for Cisco Wireless Controller

For Cisco Wireless Controller, Cisco DNA Spaces now enables you to group access points with different prefixes under a single network. After importing the networks to the location hierarchy, click the network to add the APs of multiple prefixes. In the location hierarchy, when you click a network location, a new Access Points Prefix Used option will now be available in the Location Info tab to add APs of multiple prefixes to that network. After adding the prefix, the APs under the unconfigured network with the specified prefix will be moved under this network. The Access Points Prefix Used option will be available only for network locations. However, the Access Points Prefix Used option will not be available for the Unconfigured network.

Multiple Location Selection

Cisco DNA Spaces now enables you to select multiple locations for activities such as Creating Portals, Creating Rules, Importing Network for Cisco Meraki Camera, and so on. When you select a location, the check box corresponding to its parent locations get highlighted in blue and the selected location is expanded to display its child locations. You can then select multiple child locations. Previously, if you have selected a location, you had to unselect it for selecting its child location. This enhancement is applicable to the location selection option in the following features:

Table 1. Multiple Location Selection Enabled Options


Windows /Fields Affected

Captive Portals App > Portal

  • Portal Creation

  • Import Portal

  • Edit Locations

Captive Portals App > User Management

Invite User

Rule (Captive Portal, Engagement, Location Personas)

  • Add Locations

Setup > Camera

Import Network

Partner App

  • App Settings

  • App Activation

Removed Support for Notification through Apps and BLE

In the Engagement Rule, the provision to send notifications through Apps and BLE are removed. In the Create Engagement Rule window, in the Actions area, the following options that were available for Consumer have been removed:

  • Via Push

  • Via BLE

Away from the Location Feature

The Engagements and Location Personas rules are now enhanced to filter the visits that are away for a particular duration. For example, you can define a rule to filter the visits that are away for 10 minutes. In the Create New Rule window, the Exiting Location option that was available for When a user is on WiFi and is now replaced with the Away from the Location option. When you select the Away from the Location option, a For drop-down list will appear to specify the time the visitor needs to be away to get filtered for the rule. The time will be specified in minutes.

Even if a visitor is physically present in the location, but gets disconnected from the Wi-Fi for the minutes specified in the For drop-down list, the visitor will be considered for the rule.

If you are editing an existing Engagements or Location Personas rules with Exiting Location configured, the Choose User Activity drop-down list will appear without any selection. You must choose the required option from the Choose User Activity drop-down list to save the rule successfully.

Digitization Stats

In the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard, in Digitization Stats, the Square Foot value now represents the Total Area configured for network locations in the Location Info option in the Location Hierarchy. Previously, the Square Foot value was calculated based on number of APs configured for locations. However, if total area is not configured for network locations in the Location Hierarchy, then the Square Foot value will be displayed based on APs as earlier.

Partner Dashboard- SSO Support

Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard now supports Single Sign-On (SSO). If you want to enable SSO for your Partner dashboard account, contact the Cisco DNA Spaces support team .

To support SSO login for Cisco DNA Spaces, the login screen for Cisco DNA Spaces Partner dashboard is renovated. When you click the Login button, only the Email field will appear in the Login window along with a Continue button. If the user is having a Partner account and is already logged into the SSO-enabled domain, then the user will be directly taken to the the Select Partner window after clicking the Continue button. If the user has not logged into the domain, then the user will be redirected to the IDP page for login authentication, and user can login by specifying the SSO credentials.

Partner Dashboard- OAuth

For Cloud Apps, the Cisco DNA Spaces dashboard is now enhanced to make the OAuth configuration more generic, and now supports to specify OAuth URLs defined by customers. In the App Title window, the OAuth Base URL field is now replaced with three new OAuth URL fields to specify the login, access token, and partner app info URLs separately. Previously, the login, access token, and partner app info URLs were generated internally based on this base URL. For existing apps, the three URL fields will be filled automatically based on the base OAuth URL.

If the OAuth check box is selected, the three OAuth URL fields are mandatory.


Fixed Bugs

Table 2. Fixed Bugs




By default first SMS gateway is displayed in all rules eventhough different gateway is configured.


Camera - No option provided to enter meraki credential in meraki camera page.


Import from maps - Not able to view all the floors due to scroll issue in mozilla browser.


While adding CMX Token ,'Add API' call is getting cancelled and page is not loading.


User not able to login to partner dashboard while using an email id of a SSO enabled domain.

Open Bugs

Table 3. Open Bugs




RBAC - Admin users who have access only to specific locations are not able to login to dashboard.


Location Analytics- Dwell time range % is overlapping in Dwell time break down chart when dwell time values are lesser.


Meraki camera - User is able to import non camera devices as well.


Users count is showing wrong in location hierarchy page.


By default Visitor and Visits count are displayed for newly created account in Digitization Stats.


User should not be able to save total area value without selecting total area unit value.


Away rule time selection should be limited as per the vertical visit end time for each account.

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