Cisco IOS XE release 16.10 provides enhanced support for Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Switches.

For more information, see the Cisco IE 3200, 3300, and ESS 3300 Series Switches, Cisco IOS XE Gibralter 16.10.1 Software Configuration Guide .

New and Changed Information

Cisco Catalyst IE 3200 and 3300 Rugged Series Switches

The Cisco Catalyst IE 3x00 Series Switch is our next generation modular din rail Switching platform.

New Software Features in IOS XE Release 16.10

Release 16.10 introduces the following new software features for IoT Devices:

  • All features from Release 16.9.1 are now supported on the Cisco IE 3x00 series switch

  • Inter Vlan Routing feature support added

  • CIP (Common Industrial Protocol)

  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

  • Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP)

  • Swap Drive

  • Netflow

    • Note: Due to HW limitation on IE3x00 platforms,

      • QoS Metering and NetFlow can-not co-exists on the same interface.

      • Number of flows support on IE3x00 is 1700

      • On Counters, Initial packets will not be accounted.


Known Issues

This section contains information about the known issues in this release.

IGMP Snooping and Unregistered Multicast Packet Forwarding

  • Symptoms: Although the mrouter port is configured and multicast receivers have sent igmp-joins to listen to registered multicast streams, unknown multicast streams that ingress the switch are forwarded to all the ports. The flooding may lead to reduction in bandwidth for registered multicast traffic.

  • Conditions: The issue occurs when the switch receives unregistered multicast packets with a pure L2 configuration and an external IGMP snooping querier is configured on the VLAN. There should not be a membership join received on any VLAN ports.

  • Workaround: To stop the VLAN, execute the command switchport block multicast on that interface, as shown in the following example:
    Switch#configure terminal
    Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
    Switch(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 1/10
    Switch(config-if)#switchport block ?        
      multicast  Block unknown multicast addresses
      unicast    Block unknown unicast addresses
    Switch(config-if)#switchport block mu
    Switch(config-if)#switchport block multicast  

Open Caveats

This section contains open caveats for this release.

Table 1. Open Caveats




100 MB SFP insertion/removal issues with uplinks on some boards.


ACL Logging wont work for only IGMP packets, but the configured action is applied correctly.


TCAM installation fails for ipv4 ACL with ACEs scaled within the limit(254 ACEs) and none of the entries are seen.


REP: Unable to configure admin vlan per segment.


ARP probes generated by Device tracking feature wouldn't be unicast.


Applying ACLs on EtherChannel/PortChannel/LAG interfaces is not blocked. Yet has no effect.


ICMP flows are counted twice in netfow records.


Show interface transceivers doesn't list GLC-FE-100FX-RGD.


Incomplete and duplicate info in \"show version installed\" output.


STP and REP links are flapping or broken when traffic rate is greater than configured priority rate.


Some express setup temporary config remain present even after quick disconnection of cable.


Device classifier with snooping features (IGMP,MLD,DHCP) will drop respective control packets.


After ExpressSetup, Gi1/3 continues to retain mode access, ip arp inspection commands after reload.


Industrial special QoS egress classification is missing in cisco-ie-global policy.


QoS egress bandwidth allocation and EF flow put into low priority queue.


REP interface bounces with high CPU utilization.


SG: Subint programming on standby shows ERRORed out post switchover.

Resolved Caveats

This section contains resolved caveats for this release.

Table 2. Resolved Caveats




IGMP snooping is not letting unknown multicast traffic reach the mrouter interface.


DHCP Client is not getting ip when mac table space is unavailable.


QoS egress policy map counter is incorrect.


CISCO-FLASH-MIB is not giving flash information.


IPv6 ACL stale entries are present in TCAM even after un-configuring the ACL.

Cisco Support

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Cisco Support:

  • Visit the Cisco Support site at .

  • Email Cisco Support at

  • Call Cisco Support at 1.408.526.7209 or 1.800.553.2447.