Network Visibility Module Collector Release Notes

This release note provides information for the Network Visibility Module (NVM) Collector. For details about installing and configuring the Network Visibility Module Collector, including its components, set up, validation of install, collection status, and basic troubleshooting, refer to the Network Visibility Module Collector Administration Guide, Release 4.10.

Download the Latest Version of the NVM Collector

Before you begin

To download the latest version of Network Visibility Module Collector, you must be a registered user of and have a valid AnyConnect APEX license.


Step 1

Follow this link to the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client product support page:

Step 2

Log in to

Step 3

Click Download Software.

Step 4

Expand the Latest Release folder and click the latest release, if it is not already selected.

Step 5

Find the Network Visibility Module Collector package and click Download.

Step 6

Read and accept the Cisco license agreement when prompted.

Step 7

Select a local directory in which to save the downloads and click Save.

Network Visibility Module Collector Package Filename

acnvmcollector-<version>.zip: Available in Linux only

Network Visibility Module Collector, Release 4.10.04067

This Network Visibility Module Collector 4.10.04067 release includes the following support update and known issue:

  • Updates to the Network Visibility Module collections: flow direction and additional logged-in users list

  • Known issue: CSCwa31962— Error thrown when syslog server field is set to an IPv6 address

System Requirements for Network Visibility Module Collector

This section identifies the management and endpoint requirements for this release. For endpoint operating system support and license requirements for each AnyConnect feature, see the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Features, Licenses, and OSs.

Hardware and software requirements are as follows:

  • AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Release 4.7 or later

  • AnyConnect NVM Profile Editor

  • If using VPN: Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Version 9.5.2 or later, and Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM), Version 7.5.1 or later

  • Any device running a supported Linux operating system to use as the NVM Collector device (Collector can run on the same server as well)

If you run Network Visibility Module Collector on a separate Linux device, you should plan for 35-40K endpoints per device, using this general scaling:

  • CPU/memory sizing can be reduced

  • Disk input/output will not be applicable since logging is only being done for the Collector and Linux

  • 50GB of disk space available to run the operating system and Collector components

Supported Linux Versions

Red Hat (64-bit)
  • 8 and 7

Ubuntu (64-bit)

  • 20.04

  • 18.04

CentOS (64-bit)

  • 7.9

NVM Collector Support Policy

Cisco only provides fixes and enhancements based on the most recent 4.10.x version. TAC support is available to any customer with an active AnyConnect 4.10 term/contract running a released version. If you experience a problem with an out-of-date software version, you may be asked to validate whether the current maintenance release resolves your issue.

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