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Virtual Company Coordinates Workforce to Meet Customer Needs

e-velocity keeps staff connected and delivers responsive customer service with Cisco Unified Communications.


Customer Name: e-velocity
Industry: Professional Services
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Number of Employees: 15

Business Challenge:

  • Communicate effectively with customers and colleagues with a virtual company in many locations

Business Results:

  • Extended communications network lets employees work together from home or in the office, and respond to customers immediately

Network Solution:

  • Cisco Unified Communications solution improves message handling, supports conference meetings, and makes employees easier to reach

"For professional services firms, today's business environment is high-energy, high-velocity and customer-focused. We rely on Cisco Unity and the suite of Cisco Unified Communications applications to enable our success."
-Jason A. Diegmueller, Partner, e-velocity technical consulting, llc

Business Challenge

Small businesses have always had the advantage of moving nimbly - and the challenge of having limited resources. A Cisco Gold Certified Partner based in Cincinnati, Ohio, e-velocity technical consulting llc is no exception. The company is experiencing fast growth based on its excellence in delivering complex network solutions. Operating in several cities in the Midwest, e-velocity prides itself on delivering responsive, complete service with a team of just 12 engineering professionals.

"Whether the customer is a large Cisco integrator or an enterprise that we work with directly, one requirement is constant: when they call e-velocity, they want to talk with somebody � right now � either by connecting with them or by leaving a message," says Jason A. Diegmueller, partner at e-velocity. "A substantial part of our business comes from helping customers and partners address emergency situations. It is absolutely imperative that everyone at e-velocity be highly reachable, and responsive, at all times."

Putting clients in touch with the right person can be tough, because engineers are nearly always out of the office working at customer sites.

"We are a virtual organization, with everyone working independently or in small teams," says Diegmueller. "But to retain the cohesion necessary to grow our business, we have always recognized the importance of staying connected and communicating."

To continue to build on its success, e-velocity needed a network solution to help its staff work closely together, regardless of where they were located. The company also needed a way to make employees more available and responsive to customers at a moment's notice. Since e-velocity is a small organization, the solution would have to be affordable and easy to maintain.

Business Results

To bring its phone system and data network together as part of a single, easy-to-manage solution, e-velocity installed Cisco Unified Communications. Cisco Unified Communications lets e-velocity bring the power of the network to its phone system to make its business more responsive and collaborative.

Customers are enjoying superior service, because e-velocity employees are easy to reach by phone anytime—in the office, on the road, or working from home. If a caller needs to leave a voicemail, the message reaches the employee instantly. Teleconferencing and Web-based training services make interaction with customers a richer, more personalized experience.

The flexibility of the Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure, and the immediate interactions that it allows, have enabled e-velocity to provide superb technical support to its customers�without the need for a new technical support department.

"Cisco Unified Communications have allowed us to scale our business without a proportionate increase in overhead," Diegmueller says. "This has a major impact on the overall profitability of the firm."

The Cisco solution also lets e-velocity make its own virtual company more agile and effective by bring together every employee's workspace using the network. No matter where they are located, employees can work with one another just as easily as if they were in the same office.

"For professional services firms, today's business environment is high-energy, high-velocity, and customer-focused," says Diegmueller. "As a company we all need to be aware of what's happening on a day-to-day basis, while remaining focused on our strategic long-term goals. And as a professional services firm, we need to be responsive and available at all times. We rely on Cisco Unity and the suite of Cisco Unified Communications applications to enable our success."

With virtual private networks (VPNs), employees working from home can place and receive calls the same way that they do in the office. Almost two-thirds of employees have a VPN in their home. With the Cisco solution, one call rings the employee's desk phone, his or her mobile device, home office phone, and any other phone simultaneously.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager enables us to fully extend our employees' workspaces into their homes," says Diegmueller. "This would be impossible with a private branch exchange (PBX)."

Network Solution

Having installed thousands of Cisco solutions, e-velocity was eager to deploy Cisco Unity for its call-routing and voice-messaging system. It works smoothly with e-velocity's Microsoft Exchange 2007 platform, which made it easy to install and use. The solution is ideal for a workforce that is constantly on the move, because all phone calls, e-mail messages, and voicemails are automatically sent to employees' Palm Treo smart phones.

"Cisco Unity captures the Caller ID with a voicemail message and gives me a view into all of my messages on my Palm Treo, just as if I were sitting at my desktop computer," says Diegmueller. "I can use the Caller IDs to determine which voicemails I need to listen and respond to first."

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express also plays a pivotal role in e-velocity's operations. The firm uses this application to conduct weekly team meetings, supplementing phone conferencing with Web-based presentations and document sharing. Similar weekly conferences are conducted with large customers, and e-velocity also uses Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express for customer training.

"Through Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, I can connect to my customer - workspace to workspace - to demonstrate how particular tasks are done, while talking with them on the phone," says Diegmueller.

The final key piece of e-velocity's Cisco Messaging solution is Cisco Unified Mobility, which reduces the chances of missing an important call. "When someone calls my office number, the call rings on my desk phone and up to four other devices, simultaneously," Diegmueller says. "It all but eliminates my chances of missing an important call."

By bringing its dispersed employees and clients closer together, Cisco Unified Communications is helping e-velocity to meet its commitment to complete, responsive service.


  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.0
  • Cisco Unity 5.0 (Microsoft Exchange 2007)
  • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express 2.0
  • Cisco 2811 ISR Voice Gateway
  • Cisco 2801 ISR Voice Gateway
  • Cisco 871W ISR
  • Cisco Unified IP Phones 7975G and 7945G
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phones 7921G
  • Cisco Unified Mobility

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