Small Business Communications VoIP: What Is It?

Small business communications VoIP refers to the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other technologies as the foundation for a small business communications system. To understand how small business communications VoIP can enhance your company, it helps to have a working knowledge of VoIP and other communications tools that run on a data network.

Small Business Communications VoIP: What Can it Do for a Business?

VoIP services transmit voice communications over an IP data network, which can be the Internet, your own internal IP network, or a combination of both. A primary attraction of any small business communications VoIP system is its ability to dramatically reduce expenses. VoIP calls are inexpensive because they travel over the data network rather than a phone company's network.

Consumer-level VoIP services often use the public Internet for connecting callers. A user of consumer VoIP services can experience sub par voice quality, however, when phone calls aren’t given higher priority over data and other network traffic.

But a small business communications VoIP system running on your company’s private IP Network gives you consistent quality-of-service, because voice calls can be given the highest priority. You’ll get stronger security controls as well.

When you’re ready, your small business communications VoIP system can be easily, cost-effectively expanded into a more powerful, feature-rich unified communications system. A unified communications solution includes all the features you’d get with a VoIP service, plus more advanced tools such as customer contact centers, Web conferencing, videoconferencing, mobility applications, and much more.

Learn how a small business communications VoIP system can help your company.

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