What Are the Advantages of a Wireless Network?

Your wireless network increases accessibility—for employees and guests—and can help you to extend your network.


Wireless can enhance productivity and collaboration

Every minute counts in your business, and a wireless network is a powerful tool to boost productivity and promote information sharing. With untethered access to documents, emails, applications, and other resources, employees can roam where they need to and still have access to resources for getting the job done.

Consider these advantages of a wireless network

  • Mobility and collaboration. Stay connected while moving throughout your work site. Access up-to-the-minute communications and all documents and apps on the network, anywhere, anytime.
  • Accessibility. Provide network access across your organization, even in areas that have been challenging to reach with the wired network, so your entire team can stay in touch.
  • Expandability. Grow your network efficiently, adding new users and locations without needing to run cables and wires.
  • Guest access. Offer secure network access to guest users, including customers and business partners, while keeping your network resources protected.

Wireless for small business from Cisco offers technology that serves your business needs. That means you have more time to focus on what really matters-your success.

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