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Small business productivity starts with a secure Cisco network foundation supporting data, voice, video, wireless, and other applications. With a network geared for small business productivity, your company can:

  • Open new locations quickly. A wireless network can provide a big boost to small business productivity. Example: With wireless networking and a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can securely open a new location in the time it takes to fire up a laptop.
  • Add new employees, suppliers, and customers. The ability to easily expand the size and scope of your network enhances small business productivity.
  • Add applications. Small business productivity gets a big boost when your network foundation enables you to integrate applications to your voice and data network.
    Example: A customer relationship management (CRM) program tied to your phone system delivers huge small business productivity benefits, as well as enhances your customers' experience. You can intelligently route calls to contact center agents or those employees most qualified to meet a caller's need.
  • Go global. Small business productivity is particularly important if you're trying to conduct business globally. A single network supporting applications such as unified communications, instant messaging, and video and Web conferencing makes it easier to effectively, affordably transact business around the globe.
  • Go paperless. Converting paper records to electronic provides a wealth of small business productivity benefits. Employees don't waste time trying to find customer files. And the files can be accessed anywhere, not just in the office. Also, you'll improve customer service and reduce costs and office space. And you can go green—something consumers are increasingly looking for in businesses.

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