Prepare for the Future of U.S. K–12 Education

Power inclusive learning with transformative technologies.

Personalize the student experience

See how Cisco delivers the most inclusive flexible learning experience via our hardware and software platform.

Why hybrid

The industry is quickly changing. Schools are pivoting their environments to be more flexible and resilient.

How hybrid works (2:25)

See how Cisco delivers the most inclusive hybrid learning experience via our hardware and software platform.

Understand flexible learning (PDF)

Read the IDC Spotlight and learn how to make flexible learning work for you.

Building the school of tomorrow, today

By reimagining the class structure, we can create a personalized learning environment so students can learn at their own pace, and teachers can build stronger relationships with students, no matter where they are.

Collaborate with Cloud Calling in K–12

When it comes to flexible learning and teaching, Cloud Calling helps public and private schools of all sizes take advantage of all learning opportunities.

Foster safe and secure virtual spaces

Leverage advanced cybersecurity for schools to protect students and their data.

Top five security practices (PDF)

Use our guidebook to maximize your security investments, propel success, and better manage risk.

Simple, scalable security

Combine advanced security with modern networking for simple, scalable, and manageable environments.

Secure education's future (PDF)

Secure the future of education for your students, teachers, staff, and data.

Prepare a cyber strategy (PDF)

Learn how to develop your K–12 cyber defense for flexible learning.

Cultivate a smart, flexible campus

Put your data to work creating flexible spaces that maximize resources. Get the insights, analytics, and control you need to optimize hybrid learning environments in real time.

Expand access to broadband

Creating equal access for students

Governments and schools are working together to break down digital barriers.

Case studies in education

Partner with Cisco to achieve the extraordinary in the classroom and beyond.

Lewisville Independent School District

Understand and select the right technology for greater connectivity.

Follow the journey from fully remote learning to hybrid classrooms.

Shawnee Heights Unified School District 450

See how digitization helps ensure the safety of students on and off campus.

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Get the latest on thought leadership, technologies, and events.

Explore our portfolio

Better understand the advanced solutions that power hybrid learning.

Payment solutions

Discover flexible payment options from Cisco Capital.

Cisco Global Education

See why education organizations around the world trust Cisco.

Meraki for K-12 education

Create connected classrooms with cloud-based Cisco Meraki solutions.

Webex by Cisco for education

Explore collaboration solutions for the classroom.