Redesign work. Reimagine the future.

Redesign work.
Reimagine the future.

Today’s changes and tomorrow’s uncertainties are redefining your organization and how you work

According to CFOs surveyed in the June 2020 PwC US CFO Pulse Survey:



will make remote work a permanent option.



will prioritize changing workplace safety measures as they return to the workplace.



expect new technology investments will position them better for the long term.

The changes are large, fast, and many. Some are here to stay. And there's likely more on the way.

Looking ahead, you see:

Accelerated trends

How do you balance it all?
What's the path forward?

Embrace change and transform your workforce and workplace

its time

Create an inclusive future of work by building adaptable, engaging, and trusted work experiences for your employees, customers, communities, and ecosystem.

cisco secure remote

Cisco Secure Remote Workforce
solutions help you:

  • Empower workers to be equally engaged and productive anywhere
  • Optimize each unique worker experience for performance, cost, and security
  • Extend enterprise-class operations to the home
cisco trusted workplace

Cisco Trusted Workplace
solutions help you:

  • Promote worker safety and wellness
  • Evolve to a secure and seamless hybrid work model
  • Expand operational consistency across environments

Capabilities include:

Capabilities include:

Flexible Remote Access

Provide a safe a consistent work experience from anywhere with:

Flexible Remote Access
  • Centralized security policy
  • Flexible access types (HW, SW, BYOD)
  • Seamless access with zero security compromise
  • Centralized management and orchestration for remote end-points

Secure Access

Provide consistent, identity-based secure access to the network for users and devices with:

Secure Access
  • Cisco Software-Defined Access using segmentation, automation, and assurance
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to maintain a consistent security policy

Secure Remote Collaboration

Enable deeper team engagement and productivity with:

Secure Remote
  • Flexible and secure collaboration tools
  • Single Webex app to connect and personalize
  • Webex devices for all-day teamwork
  • Embedded security, compliance, and multifactor authentication

Seamless Collaboration

Enable team ideation and collaboration across devices, distributed teams, locations, and organizations with:

Seamless Collaboration
  • Webex Desk, Room, Phone, and Board series devices for all-day teamwork
  • Co-create, whiteboard, and hand-raising tools
  • Single application to collaborate across devices and enable no-touch experiences

Remote Contact Center

Scale, secure, and optimize contact center remote agent and supervisor capabilities with:

Remote Contact
  • Cloud contact center and VPN-less access
  • Management of distributed agents
  • Virtual agent support
  • Security compliance and supervisory controls

Remote Operations

Maintain your operations using secure, policy-based remote connectivity into the operational domain with:

Remote Operation
  • Cisco IoT and Industrial Security solutions for secure remote access to operational equipment and processes
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to maintain a consistent security policy

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Provide a secure full-desktop and application experience to users on any device, anywhere in the world with:

Virtual Desktop
  • Rapid deployment and scaling without user disruption
  • Control and security of end user desktops and data

Intelligent Workplaces

Enable safe and intelligent space utilization, engaging employees across building, meeting room, and desktop spaces with:

Intelligent Workplaces
  • DNA Spaces and Webex devices
  • Density thresholds and capacity monitoring
  • Automated real-time notifications

Remote Expert Access

Provide simple, secure access to experts to enhance the customer experience with:

Remote Expert
  • Video collaboration
  • Messaging

Proximity and Social Density Insights

Ensure workplace safety and compliance to re-open facilities by reducing employee risk of exposure with:

Proximity and Social Density Insights
  • Proximity and Right Now app on DNA Spaces
  • Real-time wireless location data and configurable density thresholds
  • Full control over user privacy

Enhanced Visibility

Provide real-time insights into distributed applications, security, and service performance to assist in optimizing the user experience with:

Enhanced Visibility
  • Performance management and insights correlation from infrastructure to code
  • Visibility into remote workplaces

Asset and Facility Monitoring

Use sensors and real-time wireless location data to monitor critical assets and facilities with:

Asset Facility
  • Cisco DNA Spaces, asset tags, and real-time wireless location data
  • Cisco Industrial Asset Vision to monitor industrial assets and facility health
  • Meraki Sensors to monitor environment conditions of network closets

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