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Smarter Retail

Learn how retailers can thrive in the Internet of Everything world of possibilities. (PDF - 625 KB)

Smarter Retail

It's Not All About You

The new digital consumer has created a new "shopping happiness" quotient that must be met. To compete in this area, retailers like you need an IT approach that captures data at the "edge" of the network - from mobile devices, sensors, video cameras, and the like - and analyzes it locally to respond to fleeting opportunities.

More on Your Retail Business

Insight is Currency

Insight is Currency

Explore the retailer's map to hyper-relevance. (PDF -555 KB)

Engage Digital Shoppers

Engage Digital Shoppers

See nine insights about digital shoppers and the top three actions for you. (PDF - 335 KB)

Mobile Powers Retail Interactions

Mobile Powers Retail Interactions

Learn how smart phones are changing the shopping experience. (2:20 min)

Solutions for Your Retail Business

Implement Store in a Box

Put all your store operations on a single server, and save.

Increase Sales and Customer Experience

Attract the attention and purchasing power of the digital shopper by using digital signs and applications.

Engage Shoppers in Your Stores

Open a direct channel of communication between you and your customers with Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX).

Say Goodbye to Checkout Lines

Make sure your customers never wait in a line like this. (57 sec)

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Executive Connection

Drive new levels of loyalty and engagement in Analytics Opens A Window Into Each Shoppers Journey


Mala Anand

Senior Vice President
Cisco Services Platforms Group

How Context Will Change Retail

Learn the value of contextualized and personalized interactions inside the store.

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