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Executive Perspectives:

CIO.com and Cisco surveyed IT leaders to find out their plans for digitization and intent-based networking. Read what they had to say.

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IT is at the heart of the digitization trend

It’s time for a new approach

What are the top imperatives CIO’s and IT leaders should consider to successfully embrace digital initiatives?


Among Gartner’s top 10 strategic technology trends for 2019 are blockchain, augmented analytics and digital twins; and underlying all the key trends, is artificial intelligence.

CIO.com and Cisco surveyed IT leaders to find out how they are embracing new IT solutions.

Turning business intent into business results just got easier. Next generation technologies can help IT leaders speed decision making, mitigate growing security threats, and manage even more connected devices.

Initially designed to help branch users connect to corporate LANs, several new trends will expand the relevance of SD-WAN.

Tackling Risk and Compliance

Based on data and research from our Annual Security Report, what does an average breach cost?

  • 11.2 months of recovery time

  • $154 per lost or stolen record

  • 31% of brand value

Cloud and IoT

Manage IT complexity

Insights on Multicloud Adoption

IDC shares best practices for driving business outcomes and reducing risk in a multicloud world.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy Guide

For a decade, companies have struggled with hybrid cloud architecture given integration and management. But that's changing. See how.

Embrace a multicloud world by simplifying how you connect, protect, and consume your clouds.

Driving Industries

Industry insights and guidance on making digital transformation work across your organization

Driving Retail Success in 2020

How do retailers meet today's digital demands?

Top Six Reasons Manufacturers Turn to Cisco

Find out why Cisco was recently named number one in market share for industrial managed switches by ARC Advisory Group.

Stay Ahead of Tomorrow's Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks for financial services firms is more costly. Learn more.

Healthcare Starts with the Network

Healthcare IT leaders guide to leverage today's networks that lay the foundation for future care.

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Cisco industry solutions help accelerate your digital transformation.

The right approach can combat complexity and streamline management.

Be as quick, agile, and strategic as the cybercriminals.

Get tips for supporting your executive team and leading your organization into the future.

About Executive Perspectives

IT moves at the speed of change. And, as CIO, your role changes just as quickly. Executive Perspectives is designed to provide information and solutions for the priorities CIO’s care about most.  Executive Perspectives addresses today’s CIO challenges: implementing security to address compliance requirements; collaboration solutions for a better customer experience; addressing the needs of an agile, efficient, modern workforce; unlocking analytic insights; and driving a digital transformation strategy that makes business thrive.