Exclusive Offers for the Networking Infrastructure

Customers who meet minimum software-purchase requirements are eligible for a (EA) and can take advantage of the following offers. 

Networking portfolio eligibility requirements

The Cisco EA includes both Full Commit Suites, which require a minimum commitment and enterprise wide coverage where applicable, and Partial Commit Suites, which have no enterprise wide coverage requirement. To make the EA more accessible, we've lowered its minimum eligibility requirements by reducing the required commitment across an organization as follows:

Term minimum: 3, 5, or 7 years

Contract value: $100,000 net at program level, after discount and preinstalled base credits

Buy more, save more

Make the required minimum purchase from the Networking Infrastructure Portfolio under a Cisco EA for two or more types of software suites (Cisco DNA Software, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Data Center Networking software), and you'll get a 5% list-price reduction on two suites and a 10% list-price reduction on three suites or more.

Deployment ramp

We understand it takes time to ramp up across your organization. For all Cisco Networking EAs with Cisco DNA Software for a 3-, 5-, or 7-year term, Cisco will provide a ramp in the first year to reach enterprise wide coverage, which is reflected by a one-time purchase adjustment.

**These offers, available globally, apply to new EAs and are valid until July 27, 2024.


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