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Cisco Live 2018 conference guide

by Lauren Horwitz

Managing Editor, Cisco.com

Table of contents

Check out the news and trends from Cisco Live in Orlando, Fla.

Check out the news and trends from Cisco Live in Las Vegas

For news and trends on networking and collaboration

Check out Cisco products and services here

Imagine Intuitive: The future of intuitive technology

As business gets more competitive, technology needs to keep up.

But over the past several years, as cloud computing, Internet of Things-connected devices, artificial intelligence and mobility have permeated the business landscape, technologies have gotten only more complex.

Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, Fla., is about putting the reins on this complexity. “Imagine Intuitive” is the theme at Cisco Live 2018 because technologists and users alike need technology to be simpler and more user friendly. That’s a tall order for the historically complex enterprise networking as well as for collaboration technologies, which have also been known for not-so-easy-to-use technology.

But over the past two years, Cisco has rolled out technologies that aim for simplicity and ease of use. For networking engineers, the focus of The Network. Intuitive. is making networking configuration more automated, less error-prone and more scalable (read: cloud-ready). And for those in the workplace who need to connect with dispersed teams, Cisco Webex Teams is about making it less work to collaborate and more intuitive to brainstorm even from disparate locations.

Cisco Live 2018 will assemble CIOs, networking and security pros and other members of the enterprise to showcase the latest trends in networking, security, cloud computing and collaboration technology.

Check out the news and trends from Cisco Live 2018.

Cisco Live 2018 news and trends

Mobile healthcare apps now deliver on improved patient care

With the mobile healthcare app Mobile Heartbeat built on top of Cisco collaboration technology, hospitals can improve patient care.

Cloud-based applications pose new risks to company data. Here’s how to protect yourself from SaaS security risks.

The Cisco-Google partnership enables IT pros to innovate faster with Kubernetes containers for hybrid cloud environments. 

Cisco’s entry-level technology training program enables those wanting a career in IT to develop hands-on networking skills—the most compelling IT skills for employers.

David Goeckeler delivers Cisco Live 2018 day two technology keynote.

Chuck Robbins delivers Cisco Live 2018 day one keynote.

If your company resides in the U.S., you might think the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation doesn’t apply to you. You may be mistaken.

If network engineers once resisted network programmability because they feared losing their jobs, they are starting to see networking automation as key to business ROI. 

Software-defined networking can help modernize a company's IT infrastructure and keep pace with new technologies. Here are some of the benefits of SDN technology.

After Hurricane Maria destroyed the power grid in Puerto Rico, nonprofits like NetHope have helped rebuild network connectivity—and carve out a lifeline for the island.

Teams who restored network connectivity after Hurricane Maria share disaster recovery lessons learned from the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico.

Without adaptable infrastructure, an IT organization can’t keep pace with business needs. The future of infrastructure has at its foundation a software-driven, automated and intelligent network.

Cisco Live 2017 news and trends

Here are highlights of some key learning opportunities to exploit at Cisco Live 2017.

IoT devices are becoming part of a smart city infrastructure that can combat the strain of city growth, from traffic control to environmental issues.

Cisco DNA overview summary: Growing enterprises need intelligent, automated networks to keep pace with the speed of the business.

For years, IT departments have watched helplessly as business units spin up IT resources without the necessary security and governance. Here’s how networking automation tools put the reins of control back in IT’s hands.

In 2008, at the Cisco Live conference, Tia and Luke Stackle found career commonality as networking engineers. But soon after they met, they realized they were a great team -- personally and professionally.

Cisco Live 2017 Opening Keynote with Chuck Robbins. Live from Las Vegas.

The Cisco Live U.S. 2017 technology keynote outlines key capabilities in the Cisco portfolio, from networking to collaboration technologies.

Cisco Live US 2017: Watch the closing keynote with Bryan Cranston.

Check out the security keynote with John Stewart and Theresa Payton.

The network used to get in the way of business initiatives. Today, with intent-based networking, it's enabling them.

Cisco’s network programmability has eased network management and brought new business capabilities for customers.

With Cisco’s new networking gear, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, adding new medical equipment to its networks will become far more efficient.

How the an enterprise’s IT network learns, adapts and protects with intent-based networking

The encryption that keeps your online data safe can also mask malware that threatens your IT systems.

Forbes takes a look at intent-based networking and its potential.

ZDNet take a look at the future of networking.

Cisco Work Intuitive: Collaboration technology state of the nation

Dispersed teams can now attest to workplace collaboration tools’ improved productivity. Here’s how collaboration technology will define the future of work.

Let’s face it. Collaboration tools need better backbone technology to reach their full potential. Here we explore some of the key capabilities they enable and the nextgen infrastructure we need to build to employ next-gen collaboration.

Collaboration tools help deliver critical information in the moment to create a fulfilling customer experience. But how close are enterprises to delivering successful micromoments?

Smart infrastructure helps make cities more efficient and safer. And it’s making greater strides with collaboration technology.

Even CIOs and other executives are starting to put importance on their company’s collaboration technology toolset. Here’s how CIOs and other senior IT pros are thinking about enterprise collaboration today.

Lauren Horwitz is the managing editor of Cisco.com, where she covers the IT infrastructure market and develops content strategy. Previously, Horwitz was a senior executive editor in the Business Applications and Architecture group at TechTarget;, a senior editor at Cutter Consortium, an IT research firm; and an editor at the American Prospect, a political journal. She has received awards from American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE), a min Best of the Web award and the Kimmerling Prize for best graduate paper for her editing work on the journal article "The Fluid Jurisprudence of Israel's Emergency Powers.”