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Security email capabilities

Antivirus - Sophos
Spend less time on alerts and more time on bigger projects. Provides the first layer of defense to end-users as an antivirus engine for email scanning.
Email admins can reduce the time spent manual tuning or updating email security rules. Catch emerging threats and improve system efficacy with comprehensive reporting from Cisco Talos.
Outbreak filters
Instantly recognize and quarantine suspected threats until they are determined to be safe.
Cisco Secure Email malware defense and analyticsYes (limited samples)Yes (unlimited samples)Yes (unlimited samples)
Performs dynamic analysis of advanced malware threats. Includes file reputation with our Cisco Secure Malware Analytics built-in sandboxing capabilities.
Data loss preventionAdd-on
A powerful set of rules and techniques helps create disclosure policies to track and prevent unauthorized end-users from sharing confidential data through email.
Cisco Secure Email Encryption ServiceAdd-on
Provides content encryption service for outbound emails.
Graymail and Safe Unsubscribe
Allows users to receive legitimate marketing emails and safely unsubscribe.
Cisco Secure Awareness Training**Add-onAdd-on
Helps customers conduct automated security simulations and trainings to their end-users, thereby achieving security compliance.
Cisco Secure Cloud Mailbox Yes - MS365 onlyYes - MS365 only
Identifies threats found within the environment delivered through highly automated human-driven hunts based on playbooks producing high-fidelity alerts.
Cisco Secure Email domain protection**Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Helps prevent phishing emails from being sent using a customer's domain(s). Implements the DMARC email authentication standard.
Cisco Secure Email phishing defense**Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Identifies and stops deception-based attacks such as social engineering, impostors, and business email compromise (BEC).
Intelligent multi-scan**Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Provides additional anti-spam classification capabilities by combining the results of the multiple anti-spam classifiers.
Image analyzer**Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Scans for adult content in images contained in emails. Is often deployed along with DLP to implement acceptable use policies.
McAfee anti-malwareAdd-onAdd-onAdd-on
Provides additional antivirus protection as an add-on to the default Sophos antivirus engine on Cisco Secure Email.
Cisco Secure Email management*Add-onAdd-onAdd-on
Provides centralized reporting and message tracking. Quarantines across multiple Cisco Secure Email Gateway Appliances.
Cisco SecureX
A cloud-native, built-in platform that connects the Cisco Secure portfolio and end-user infrastructure.