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Accelerating Digital Agility to Move at the Pace of Business

For today’s extended, hybrid enterprise, automation and agility are key

Today’s CIOs understand that the pace of business change is accelerating. To stay competitive in an evolving marketplace, the pressure is on to turn change into a business advantage. In a recent Forrester Consulting survey commissioned by Cisco, "Operational Agility is the New Imperative", 80% said their business processes need to become more agile to adapt to changing business conditions. To achieve it, 72% said they will accelerate efforts to digitally transform their business.

However, realizing that transformation isn’t easy. Operations leaders must contend with a growing, complicated patchwork of technology and stakeholders. As the enterprise extends beyond office buildings, the complexity and blind spots increase.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the key challenges organizations face on their digital transformation journey and show how a platform-first approach can help you accelerate operations across an increasingly hybrid workplace.

You’ll discover:

  • How a platform-first approach can overcome data silos and outdated infrastructure
  • The importance of data quality for operations
  • What’s needed to support today’s hybrid workforce
  • What sets leaders apart from beginners
  • The advantages of operational maturity in staying ahead of the curve


For more information:

Kip Compton, SVP, Strategy & Operations, Enterprise Networking & Cloud, Cisco

Kip Compton leads strategic planning for the EN&C business and is responsible for driving transformational initiatives that enable Cisco to deliver simpler, cloud-driven, as-a-service portfolios.

Fabio Gori, Senior Director, Customer Solutions Marketing, Cisco

Fabio Gori is responsible for Cisco’s Cross-Architecture Marketing strategy across all Cisco Business Groups.

Guest Speaker: Glenn O’Donnell, VP, Research Director, Forrester

Glenn O’Donnell leads the team researching automation, data center technologies, networking, the internet of things (IoT), and edge computing. He is widely regarded as a top thought leader in technology development and operations, automation, and the broader social implications of technology evolution.