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Cisco Webex integrations

No need to switch between apps when you integrate Webex into the tools you use everyday.

Meetings: integration benefits

Meet from wherever you work and learn.

Meetings integrations

Integrate calendar apps

Schedule personal room meetings and ad-hoc meetings directly within Google Calendar or with Office 365 add-ons.

Schedule from where you learn

Schedule Webex Meetings directly from learning management systems like Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, and D2L.

Business workflows

Webex Meetings can be inserted seamlessly into business workflows with almost any app supported by Zapier or webMethods.io.

Meet from messaging apps

Increase your productivity with the ability to schedule and launch Webex Meetings directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Meet via voice on the road

Go hands-free with Apple CarPlay and Ford Applink. Start and control your meetings with voice commands and steering-wheel buttons.

Telehealth consultations

Integration with Epic EMR helps simplify remote telehealth consultations.

Messaging: integration benefits

Integrate Webex with your existing go-to apps.

Messaging integrations

Productivity tools

Improve time management and work smarter with applications like Microsoft Office 365, GoogleCloud, Box, and Smartsheet.

Project management apps

Increase work efficiency when managing projects and tasks with project management tools like Jira, Asana, and Trello.


Keep data safe with integrations to data loss prevention (DLP) and cloud access security broker (CASB) security solutions.

Incident management systems

Minimize the impact to operations and manage service issues by creating and updating workflows in ServiceNow and Zendesk.

Sales, marketing, and social

Optimize team collaboration with updates to Salesforce and get alerts from Marketo, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, and Local Measure.

Developer tools

Streamline development with repository management, code reviews, and issue tracking with GitHub, Jenkins, Azure, and Jira.

Calling: integration benefits

Customize cloud-calling experiences

Calling integrations

Applications powered by Webex Calling allow you to perform specialized actions while on a call.

Verticals: integration benefits

Webex tailors to any industry

Vertical integrations

Webex Education Connector

Connect students, teachers, and administrators right inside your learning management system (LMS), anywhere, anytime.

Webex Telehealth Connector

Patients and staff connect via easy-to-use video telehealth consultations, scheduled directly from the Epic EMR portal.

Legislate for Webex

Legislatures serve citizens in new and better ways using Webex innovative solutions for legislatures.

Virtual collaboration integration solutions

Webex Telehealth Connector

Cisco integrates with Epic EMR to simplify remote telehealth consultations.

Portal from Facebook integration

Webex integrates with Portal from Facebook to bring meetings to people working from home.

Embedded apps overview

Integrate Slack, Trello, and many other third-party tools into your workstream.

Virtual exam rooms

Together, Cisco Webex and Samsung are facilitating zero-touch virtual care.

Webex Rooms integrations

Enhance your intelligent workplace by merging your Webex Rooms devices with the tools you use every day.