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End-to-end visibility, real-time performance

AppDynamics connects everything in your infrastructure to the impact it has on your applications and customer experience. The result is complete application awareness across the technology stack. With a unified view, teams can optimize infrastructure based on dynamic application needs and ensure application performance across today's multicloud environments.

Performance insights for a multicloud world

With AppDynamics, teams can visualize complex application dependencies and pinpoint the root cause of performance bottlenecks across applications, infrastructure, and the network to drive better customer experiences--and enhance business value.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility

  • Catch anomalies, avoid incidents

  • Migrate and monitor in the cloud

Drive performance in any IT environment

Detect issues before they impact customers

When outages or slowdowns occur, avoid IT alert storms using correlated insights from across the stack to quickly isolate fault domain and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Lower your risk as you migrate to the cloud with flow maps that show every dependency across any environment. Make accurate resource decisions and validate post-migration success.

End-to-end monitoring in a multicloud world

With real-time performance monitoring, ensure that applications running in any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment drive seamless user experiences and business value.

Hear what our customers are saying

Connectivity for today's digital-first driver

BMW uses AppDynamics to provide a simplified view of a complicated ecosystem, ensuring world-class driver experiences.

Unified intelligence across business and IT

With AppDynamics, Carhartt created a single source of truth for both the IT and business functions of the company.

Speed, visibility, and a road map for growth

AppDynamics provided visibility across Nasdaq's entire environment, from local data centers to the cloud.

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Download Gartner's 2019 MQ for APM to learn why AppDynamics is best-in-class.

An introduction to APM

Learn the essentials and build the case for adopting an APM solution in your enterprise.