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Cisco Private 5G

A private 5G service that simplifies both 5G and IoT operations.
The result? A digital enterprise transformation.

We take the complexity out of private 5G and IoT

Getting started with Cisco Private 5G service is simple: just give us a call. With intuitive operations, you can provision, manage, and troubleshoot within minutes—and it’s built on a foundation of trust to securely integrate IoT across your wireless network deployments.

Simple to start

Start your journey with a complete assessment and site survey. We’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Intuitive to operate

Provision, manage, and troubleshoot your 5G and IoT environment on a platform that intuitively integrates with your network.

Trusted to work

Experience carrier-grade reliability, to securely support even the most demanding applications with 24/7 global support.

IDC: Evaluating private 5G as an enterprise-grade solution

All the data you need to fully evaluate private 5G for enterprise and industrial networks.

  • Architectural details
  • Channel information
  • Spending forecasts

Private 5G networks in four easy steps

Start your journey to IoT digital transformation now.

1. Contact

A Cisco expert will help get you started.

2. Buy

You’ll receive a tailored private 5G and IoT solution.

3. Integrate

Private 5G integrates into your existing Wi-Fi and wired network environment, so you and your team can enjoy all the benefits of pervasive mobility.

4. Operate

Intuitively operate your private 5G network from anywhere in the world.

Hear from the experts

The next phase of digital transformation will converge operations onto an intelligent communications fabric supporting a wide array of applications, places, people, and things. Building on its track record of delivering trusted solutions in Wi-Fi, industrial Ethernet, IoT, SD-WAN, routing, mobile networking, cloud-based operations, and subscription-based offerings, Cisco is well positioned for delivering this fabric. Its private 5G and IoT offerings delivered as a service are poised to blend in gracefully with the other elements it is already supplying to power the next phase of digital transformation effectively.

Ray Mota and Paul Parker-Johnson, ACG Research

Private 5G use cases


  • Quickly rearrange factory floors
  • Improve worker safety and product quality metrics
  • Collaborate reliably and in real time across factory floors

Warehouse Logistics

  • Improve supply chain efficacy with real-time asset and inventory tracking
  • Drive higher margins with better loss prevention

Hospitality & Venues

  • Better security via wireless cameras and sensors
  • Enhance Wi-Fi services using 5G for wireless backhaul
  • Provide extraordinary customer experience on premises

Energy & Utilities

  • Enable end-to-end smart grid infrastructure management
  • Fully automate smart meter reading
  • Provide secure and reliable field worker communications

Mining, Oil, & Gas

  • Reliable vehicle control over large areas
  • Enhance worker safety
  • Improve profitability with automated asset tracking and management


  • Increase on-campus safety for students and faculty
  • Create an academic environment where research and innovation thrive



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