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Cisco Videoscape Policy and Resource Management

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Offer More Efficient, Dynamic Video Services

Get session, resource, and policy management for all your video services, across QAM and IP environments. With the flexible, cloud-based capabilities of Cisco Videoscape Policy and Resource Management, you can:

  • Lower capital and operational costs
  • Increase efficiency in the video headend
  • Easily adapt to new video services and trends

Features and Capabilities

Session and resource management (SRM) tools help you provide modern video services, such as video on demand, cloud-based video recording, and linear TV on mobile devices, But most service providers still operate control planes for these services as are separate systems. Each video application and device type needs its own standalone SRM system, making services expensive to operate and difficult to scale.

Cisco Videoscape Policy and Resource Management provides the SRM capabilities that you need to deliver modern video services efficiently across all device types and environments. These capabilities function as flexible cloud services that operate across all video applications, using common content storage, according to workflow rules that you define.

So, instead of having to deploy separate SRM systems for each application or device type, you can use a common platform for your entire environment.

With these capabilities, you can lower the total cost of ownership by:

  • Sharing edge bandwidth more efficiently
  • Reducing equipment in the video headend
  • Reducing ongoing operating costs
  • Improving operational efficiency by provisioning and controlling all policy and session management from one platform

You can also:

  • Introduce new services faster by easily and quickly extending SRM capabilities to new applications and devices
  • Dynamically scale up SRM capabilities wherever needed, and manage capacity intelligently instead of overprovisioning
  • Increase service reliability with stateless SRM capabilities that use cloud and data center high-availability techniques

Cisco Videoscape Policy and Resource Management is part of the Cisco Videoscape Control Suite, a complete control-plane framework for today's heterogeneous, cloud-connected environments. Cisco Videoscape Control Suite transforms the service provider control plane from a rigid, monolithic system to a more scalable and flexible data center model.

With this suite, you can provision the full range of modern video services as virtualized services that can be deployed quickly and economically, including:

  • Endpoint management
  • Identity
  • Advertising
  • Security

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