ROSA SI Manager

Scalable Service Information Generation

Configure and generate service information and manage Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data with the Cisco ROSA Service Information (SI) Manager. This highly scalable system is designed to meet the requirements of today's complex networks, regardless of type or size. It supports cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP television (IPTV), and hybrid networks.

Service Information

The ROSA SI Manager is used for SI generation in digital TV broadcasting based on DVB standards. It consists of the SI Manager Database, the SI Manager SI Generator, and an SI Manager Editor client. The generator connects to multiplexers and the database is maintained and updated from both the editor and generator.


Electronic Program Guide

The EPG system can operate as a standalone solution or as a module in the SI Manager. It handles Event Information Table (EIT) content, event schedule descriptions, and other event-related topics in a digital TV network. The EPG system consists of the EPG Database, one or more EPG Editor clients, and one or more EPG Import Modules.


SI Configuration Editing

The information used for SI generation is stored in the SI database and edited with the SI Manager Editor client application. One or more editor clients can connect to the database and edit the SI information simultaneously.

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