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Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS) Appliances

Enterprise Content Delivery System (ECDS) Appliancesview expanded image

Cost Effectively Deliver Video over the WAN

Large organizations that use video applications across their network need to optimize video delivery over their WANs. As part of the Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System, the Cisco Media Delivery Engine 3100 is a hardware appliance ideal for data center and large campus deployments delivering video and media to more than 500 simultaneous users.

The Cisco Media Delivery Engine 3100 is a dedicated appliance form factor. It is ideal for data centers and large campuses that:

  • Support more than 500 simultaneous users or clients for media delivery
  • Can be stacked together to increase scalability

The Cisco Enterprise Content Delivery System can also be deployed with Cisco WAAS for a complete data and video WAN optimization solution.

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