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Cisco Nexus 92160YC-X Switchview expanded image

Rich Telemetry and Flexible Port Configurations

Designed with Cisco Cloud Scale technology, the high-performance, 1-rack-unit 92160YC-X Switch is optimized for Cisco NX-OS deployments. It provides 48 1/10/25-Gb host ports and up to six hybrid uplink ports that can be configured as 10, 25, 40, or 100-Gb ports. With 3.2 Tbps of switching capacity, the 92160YC-X delivers line-rate Layer 2 and 3 features for demanding enterprise, service provider hosting, and cloud computing environments.

Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform gives you new insights into your infrastructure.

Learn why network silicon innovations are critical to tomorrow's data centers. (03:16 min)

Features and Capabilities

The 92160YC-X Switch gives you a comprehensive feature set with rich network telemetry to meet growing data center requirements.

Nexus 92160YC-X features include:


  • Open APIs to manage the switch through remote-procedure calls (JavaScript Object Notation [JSON] or XML) over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Automated configuration through Linux shell scripts
  • Support for customer applications through a Linux container environment
  • Support for Puppet, Chef, and Ansible

Real-Time Visibility and Telemetry

  • Cisco Tetration Analytics Platform support with built-in hardware sensors for rich traffic flow telemetry and line-rate data collection
  • Cisco Nexus Data Broker support for network traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Real-time buffer utilization per port and per queue, for monitor traffic micro-bursts and application traffic patterns
  • Built-in EtherAnalyzer for monitoring and troubleshooting control-plane traffic


  • Wire-rate Layer 2 and 3 switching on all ports
  • Line-rate virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) bridging and routing
  • Border Gateway Protocol Ethernet VPN (BGP EVPN) control plane for scalable multitenancy and host mobility
  • Segment routing for increased network scalability and virtualization

Operational Efficiency

  • Nexus Fabric Manager support automates fabric configuration and management
  • Advanced reboot capabilities include hot and cold patching and fast-reboot capabilities
  • Power-on autoprovisioning (POAP) and Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) provide touchless switch bootup and configuration to drastically reduce provisioning time
  • Cisco Embedded Event Manager (EEM) and Python scripting help enable automation and remote operations in the data center

Investment Protection

  • Support for 1-, 10-, 25-, 40-, and 100-Gb connectivity for migrating switching infrastructure to faster speeds

Understand networking requirements for long-lived TCP and in-cast or microburst traffic. (07:54 min)

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Specifications at a Glance

  • 3.2 Tbps of bandwidth in a 1-RU form factor
  • 48 10/25-Gpbs for downlinks; 4 out of 6 uplink ports are 100-Gb-capable
  • Latency of 1 to 2 microseconds
  • Option of port-side intake and port-side exhaust
  • 1+1 redundant, hot-swappable, 80 Plus Platinum-certified power supplies

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