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Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Services

Training to fit your organization's needs

Stealthwatch users can now get a range of learning opportunities, from self-directed training to instructor-led hands-on labs. Gain an extra edge to augment the value of your deployment and achieve successful security outcomes.


Gain know-how

Optimize your Stealthwatch deployment with training offers designed for you.

Build high-intensity skills

Learn how to quickly detect and respond to potential security threats.

Self-directed training

Get up to speed fast with online features training, included at no extra charge in a Stealthwatch Support Maintenance Agreement.


Start with quick learning aids that offer on-the-job support at the moment of need. These short, task-based training sessions enhance workflow efficiency and are easy to apply to your day-to-day Stealthwatch tasks.

Learning bytes

Learn Stealthwatch basics in 5-minute, interactive learning experiences. Each learning byte is focused on a system workflow or feature. A combination of demos, targeted concepts, and knowledge checks helps strengthen your proficiency with Stealthwatch administration and threat detection.

Core concepts

Advance to more in-depth tutorials that introduce core concepts and prepare you for our instructor-led training. You will learn about Stealthwatch components, flow basics, system interfaces, setup, configuration, services, applications, and more.


Participate in monthly 1-hour sessions on tactical Stealthwatch topics led by our team of experts, and get access to all previously recorded sessions and presentation slides.

Stealthwatch Training Subscription

Accelerate your Stealthwatch deployment with a Stealthwatch Training Subscription, a flexible learning program that includes our self-directed training, virtual instructor-led courses, use-case workshops, and webinars. Our Learning Advisor Service helps you map out a learning plan that's right for your organization.

Use Case Workshops

Learn how to quickly identify and investigate common threats through interactive, 2- to 3-hour virtual sessions.

These hands-on workshops are led by Stealthwatch experts in a lab environment.

Are There Rogue Hosts in My Network? | Gaining Visibility of Deceptive Applications

How to Hunt Insider Threats | Is My Network Configured Correctly?

SIEM Integration with Cisco Stealthwatch

Using Cisco Stealthwatch with Security Frameworks

Instructor-led courses by job role

Participate in virtual courses with hands-on labs. Or let us configure private training specifically for you in sessions delivered at your site, at a Cisco campus, or virtually.

Cisco Stealthwatch System Administration

Focus on completing the initial configuration tasks required to get Stealthwatch up and running.

Cisco Stealthwatch Security

Investigate security issues and make initial determinations on next steps in the investigation.

Cisco Stealthwatch Network Operations

Complete both “proactive” and “reactive” activities required to maintain network health.

Cisco Stealthwatch Tuning

Cover all essential aspects of the tuning process, including tuning best practices to optimize your Stealthwatch system.

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