Cisco Secure Network Analytics Training

Strengthen your security network protection

Increase the value of your deployment through training. Our e-learning, instructor-led training, webinars, and use-case resources will help you build the skills you need to quickly detect and respond to potential security threats.

Training center

Cisco Secure Network Analytics provides access to our Secure Analytics Training Center, which gives you the latest scheduling and details of courses best suited to your secure networking needs. You'll gain access to:

Instructor-led training

Participate in virtual courses with hands-on labs.


Introduces core concepts and prepares you for our instructor-led training.

Quick reference

Start with quick, task-based training sessions that offer on-the-job support when you need it, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Recorded events

Grants you access to all previously recorded sessions and presentation slides.

Virtual courses or private training

Cisco Stealthwatch Administration (PDF)

Complete the initial configuration tasks required to get Stealthwatch up and running.

Cisco Stealthwatch Security (PDF)

Investigate security issues and make initial determinations on next steps.

Cisco Stealthwatch Network Operations (PDF)

Complete both proactive and reactive activities required to maintain network health.

Cisco Stealthwatch Tuning (PDF)

Cover essential aspects of the tuning process, including best practices for optimization.

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