Cisco IOS Content Filtering

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Monitor and Block Web Activity

Unrestricted Internet use exposes organizations to needless risks such as inappropriate use of company resources, legal liability, and productivity losses. As internet threats get more complex, solutions that not only improve employee productivity but also prevent malware and malicious traffic, become increasingly essential.

Cisco IOS Content Filtering helps your organization protect itself from known and new Internet threats, improve employee productivity, and enforce business policies for regulatory compliance.

Part of the Cisco IOS Integrated Threat Control framework, this solution:

  • Monitors and regulates all Internet activities by blocking or restricting access to certain Websites
  • Provides protection from malicious sites that are known to give out malware, adware, spyware, and phishing
  • Is simple and easy to deploy, helping your organization better manage network resources


  • Improve employee productivity and protect the network: Restrict Internet use that exposes your organization to Internet risks and prevent employees from surfing Websites that lead to productivity loss or legal liability
  • Conserve network resources: Set security policies that limit Internet access to prevent download of bandwidth-intensive applications and malware that would consume network resources
  • Ease of Use: Simplify registration, configuration, and category management

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