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The Cisco IDS Host Sensor is a member of the market-leading Cisco IDS product line, which provides pervasive protection throughout the network.

The Cisco IDS Host Sensor solution, powered by Entercept, meets the enterprise server security needs of today, as well as tomorrow by giving organizations protection against future attacks, as well as today's known attacks. Based on Entercept's patented technology, it safeguards the entire server by preventing known and unknown malicious attacks. By blocking these attacks, the Cisco IDS Host Sensor significantly decreases downtime, reduces security-related costs, and protects critical assets. Unlike other security solutions, Cisco IDS Host Sensor uses a combination of behavioral rules and signatures to prevent known and unknown attacks, rather than merely detecting and reporting them after they occur. The Cisco IDS Host Sensor Standard Edition Agent protects hosts by evaluating requests to the operating system before they are processed.

Furthermore, Web servers present difficult and unique security challenges. By their nature, Web servers must be externally accessible, placing them within easy reach of network attackers anywhere in the world. Today's Web servers need protection from a growing battery of threats: Web defacement, buffer overflows, worms, newly discovered attacks, and so on. The Cisco IDS Host Sensor Web Server Edition Agent provides the additional security required to protect Web servers from today's as well as tomorrow's threats. Building on the operating-system-protection capabilities of the Standard Edition Agent, the Web Server Edition Agent proactively protects the Web server application by evaluating requests to the Web application, the Web server application programming interface (API), and the operating system before they are processed. It combines both operating-system and Web-application protection, giving an unparalleled depth of security against known and unknown attacks.

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