Cisco Catalyst 6500 48-Port 10/100/1000 Premier WC Ethernet Module


As Cisco’s most widely deployed IP telephony port-enabled campus switch, the Catalyst 6500 offers a new high performance 48 port 10/100/1000 Ethernet module featuring an optional field-upgradable Ethernet in-line power daughter card that can support IP phones, IP video cameras and wireless access points using Cisco in line power capabilities or the forthcoming IEEE 802.3af inline power standard in the near future. These modules are compatible with all Catalyst 6500 Supervisors, chassis configurations, modules, as well as operating system software. To enhance operational manageability, this module also features an integrated Time Delay Reflectometer, allowing network managers to more easily monitor and isolate faults on their copper based wiring infrastructure, and reduce the need for costly 3rd party network testing equipment. With full support of the Cisco's AVVID architecture, this module is ideal for performance oriented wiring closet deployments using the Catalyst 6500's 256Gbps switch fabric. Now Enterprise customers can realize Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop and productivity enhancing IP communications, or can add inline power via a daughter card in the future, providing additional investment protection.

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