Cisco Aironet Access Point Module for Wireless Security

Modular Flexibility and Efficiency

The Wireless Security Module can deliver superior security and spectrum analysis by integrating what typically requires at least two separate access points into a single multi-purpose 3600 Series Access Point. It can help customers to dramatically reduce infrastructure costs and simplify day-to-day operations that would be required to deploy the same capability.

Features and Capabilities

The WSM concurrently supports:

  • CleanAir Technology for spectrum intelligence
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (wIPS) scanning for threat detection and mitigation
  • Rogue detection to prevent attempts to open unsecured holes into the network
  • Location context-awareness to identify client devices, sources of interference, attacks, and locations of rogues
  • Radio resource management to continuously analyze quality of the wireless spectrum

Help enable next-generation security and spectrum analysis. Cisco WSM features and capabilities include:

  • Data serving, spectrum monitoring, threat detection, and mitigation in a single access point
  • Thirty percent reduction in TCO by eliminating Ethernet infrastructure ports required with a monitor mode overlay
  • Always-on security monitoring, including 24-hour interference analysis and threat detection for all channels in 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Zero-touch configuration so you can install, power up, and run the system quickly

Together the 3600 Series Access Point and WSM can dramatically simplify how customers can deploy, monitor, and secure their enterprise-class wireless network. Focus is shifted away from how many extra access points to deploy and what in role the access points will operate. Instead, access point deployment can be determined by an operator's business needs to deliver a secure, quality network connection to corporate users.

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