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Extend Your Event Reach

Create compelling events, and extend their reach to more online participants. (01:36 min)

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Improve Reach, Effectiveness, and Results

Accelerate marketing and sales efforts and enhance internal communications. Use Cisco WebEx Event Center to:

  • Create highly engaging webinars and web events
  • Manage events end to end, from invitations to follow-up
  • Qualify, track, and cultivate leads for your sales pipeline
  • Capture valuable attendee information for your sales and marketing databases

WebEx Event Center helps you:

  • Connect with customers, prospects, partners, and employees anywhere
  • Increase awareness of new products and services
  • Accelerate your sales pipeline
  • Generate revenue for live and recorded events
  • Save time and money on travel and venues

Powerful Tools for Compelling Online Events

WebEx Event Center includes a wide range of features designed to enhance your sales, marketing, and internal communications.

Create Engaging, Interactive Events

  • High-quality video: See presenters in high-resolution video (up to 360p).
  • Integrated audio: Choose from toll-based or toll-free global teleconference, two-way voice over IP, or audio broadcast.
  • Multimedia content sharing: Share presentations, video files, and other multimedia content.
  • Tracked Q&A: Track and answer audience questions.
  • Real-time polling: Conduct polls to engage attendees and collect feedback.
  • eCommerce: Generate revenue by accepting credit card or PayPal payments to access events and recordings, and encourage quicker registration with promotion code discounts.

Eliminate Barriers to Reaching Your Audiences

  • One-click joining: Attendees with web access can join an event with just one click.
  • Cross-platform support: Users on all major platforms–Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris, and UNIX–can easily participate in your events.
  • Network-based recording: Record events, including session content and audio, for follow-up and ongoing marketing campaigns.

Promote Events More Effectively and Track Results

  • Event promotion: Use templates or customize invitations to support a brand or campaign.
  • Automated email management: Send out invitations, confirmations, reminders and follow-ups automatically.
  • Tracking and reporting: Export registration and attendance data to your customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation systems.

Broaden Reach with a More Secure, Cloud-Based Solution

  • Convenient attendance: Participants can attend an event easily from anywhere worldwide, inside or outside the corporate firewall.
  • Mobile support: Participants can join with audio, video, and content sharing from Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.
  • Highly secure events: WebEx events are delivered over the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, which offers stringent data privacy and encrypted connections with tight policy control.

Offer Engaging Events at a Lower Cost

WebEx Event Center contributes to the success of your business, while lowering costs in reaching customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

Support Business Goals

  • Deliver your message to audiences around the world
  • Increase awareness and generate demand for products and services
  • Create revenue for events and recordings
  • Engage attendees with highly interactive content
  • Track results and monitor the effectiveness of events and campaigns
  • Save time and money by reducing travel and venue costs

Cut Costs While Improving Efficiency

  • Lower IT costs; no upfront investment in software or equipment
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs
  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Integrate with existing business applications and processes

Count on Highly Secure, Scalable Service

  • Delivery through the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, a highly secure, high-performance global network
  • Enterprise-grade, multilayer security for transport, platform, application, and site security
  • Policy management at the enterprise, group, or individual levels
  • Compatibility with existing Cisco investments

Online Events with WebEx

A wide variety of organizations use WebEx Event Center every day to extend their reach and hold engaging events. Read what our customers are saying:


"We'd like to expand our thought leadership series, and we'd like to make our follow-up sales efforts even stronger and more effective. But those are just refinements to the process. We're absolutely thrilled to see how WebEx has expanded our reach."

- Randy Lasnick, Director of Marketing, LUMEDX

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Issues Central

"I feel like I've got an additional two or three marketing staff because of this technology. Without WebEx tools, my marketing and sales budget would be double what it is today, and I'm not sure my sales results would be any better."

- Charley Best, vice president, Issues Central

Seagate Technology LLC

"Thanks to this event, we doubled the sales forecast we had in place for the product launch, and we're still trying to catch up with the backlog of orders we created."

- Joni Clark, senior product marketing manager, Seagate Technology LLC

Winning with Cisco WebEx Technology

A wide variety of organizations use WebEx every day to hold engaging events.
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