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Updated:April 13, 2021

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Updated:April 13, 2021


Spend less time on firewall administration

So … you’re looking for a firewall with less complexity, that gets out of the way? Smaller IT organizations need simplified network security — without sacrificing control, flexibility, and threat prevention. Management simplicity is a must, because most IT teams are responsible for EVERYTHING and don’t have dedicated networking and security personnel.

To meet real-world needs of small business, Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition is tailor-made to simplify security. It’s the best value ever from Cisco, and not only because it is incredibly affordable. Small Business Edition lowers admin time with cloud management and logging, while including full threat prevention capability plus remote access VPN clients for remote workers. Small Business Edition automates threat intelligence updates daily. A single click remotely updates firewall firmware.

With our simplified cloud management, you can also manage existing Cisco ASA, NGFW (FTD), and Meraki MX firewalls, and even AWS VPC security group rules. With our cloud-based logging, you can also simply aggregate firewall logs.


      Complete: cloud-based management and logging, threat defense, and remote access VPN clients

      Simplified management & logging: lowers admin time and small business operational costs

      Automated: daily threat intelligence updates, plus identification of conflicting policies

      Single touch updates: remotely upgrade your firewall firmware

      High performance: up to 650Mbps with enabled threat inspection (AVC+IPS)

Threat prevention that reduces costs

Not only simplified management, but also the threat defense power of Secure Firewall Small Business Edition lowers costs:

      Prioritizing alerts: Focus on actions, not alerts. Prioritized alerts focus efforts and saves time

      Preventing breaches: Stop more threats and reduce time-consuming investigations

      Enabling automation: automatic daily threat intelligence updates, plus available Cisco SecureX playbooks to reduce manual operations and integrate with the rest of the Cisco Secure portfolio.

What You Get: A Complete, Tightly Integrated, Solution

Management and Logging

      Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO)

    3-year license

      Cisco Security Analytics and Logging (SAL)

    3-year logging license, with 7-day cloud retention

Cisco Secure Firewall: Firepower 1010 (FTD software)

      Up to 650 Mbps throughput (AVC + IPS)

      3-year licenses for Cisco AMP for Networks, Next-Gen IPS, and URL Filtering

      Silent and compact: fan-less; desktop-sized chassis

      8 x RJ45 ports (2 PoE+), configurable as firewall or Layer 2 switch ports

Remote Access VPN

      50 licenses of Cisco Secure VPN (AnyConnect©)

    For mobile devices and/or desktops

    3-year license

Simplified Ordering

Ordering has never been easier.

Secure Firewall Small Business Edition is ordered with two-part numbers: one for hardware, one for software. Small Business Edition includes cloud logging by default. Also available is the Lite configuration, that excludes cloud logging, for customers complying with specific regulatory requirements.




FPR1010-SBE (standard full version)


FPR1010-SBE-L (Lite Version, without cloud logging)


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