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Updated:November 19, 2021

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Updated:November 19, 2021



Reduce costs and simplify rural network operations

Answering the call for fast, reliable internet access in every corner of the country, service providers need to keep pace with high-performing, cost-efficient infrastructure capable of supporting growth from new and advanced services like 5G and IoT. If you can do it while growing revenue and simplifying your operations, you’ll stay ahead of the curve—even as you expand connectivity in rural communities.

The Cisco® Network Convergence System (NCS) 540 Router opens the door to operational efficiency and cost savings, while delivering the stable, fast, and secure connectivity your customers need. Discover all the ways that the NCS 540 Router can boost your bottom line, optimize service performance, and make your network easier to manage day to day.

Cisco NCS 540 for Rural Broadband Networks


   Expand your customer reach

   Grow revenue with increased service velocity

   Reduce costs and streamline operations with automation

   Simplify network management with zero-touch provisioning

   Save money on troubleshooting and technician training

   Save space with a compact, powerful system

What it does

Simplify your network from day one

The NCS 540 allows you to simplify your network so you can bring services to market faster. Running the modern IOS® XR network operating system enables high levels of programmability and automation. And with end-to-end segment routing, you will be able to optimize traffic management throughout the network, minimizing service failures before they happen. That means fewer headaches, improved customer experiences, and lower total cost to operate your network.

Operate your network more efficiently

The NCS 540 improves network utilization for mobile backhaul and fixed wireless access networks. Using GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) information, the NCS 540 distributes traffic more evenly across multiple equal-cost paths. Also, using network slicing, the NCS 540 can automatically select the best path for the service based on constraints such as latency or affinity.

Automate setup to decrease costs

Equipped with zero-touch provisioning, the NCS 540 can save your teams time and reduce operational and training costs. You simply connect the device in the field, and it will download its configuration automatically. There’s less need to send specialized technicians, which reduces the cost of ownership. When you’re serving rural areas, zero-touch provisioning is a game changer, as your routers can be miles apart. With the NCS 540, you won’t have to spend all day rolling a truck to each site and manually configuring each device.

Optimize your investment with better optics

The NCS 540 optics can extend the network transmission distance without the need for additional optical equipment—which improves the economic justification for enabling the high speeds your customers expect. The NCS 540 also supports bidirectional (BiDi) transceivers, which allow you to use different wavelengths for ingress and egress traffic in the same fiber strand, optimizing your investment.

Increase output with fewer resource demands

The NCS 540 packs more punch into a smaller, sleeker device. So, if you’re in congested locations with space and power limitations, the router’s compact chassis comes in handy—yet it has the full range of interfaces for all your network needs. The NCS 540 is also temperature hardened so you can extend your reach with deployments in adverse remote environmental conditions.

Next steps

Learn more about how you can reduce costs, grow your revenue, and mitigate risks—all with the Cisco NCS 540 Router. And come test drive the NCS 540 by scheduling a visit to our Rural Broadband Innovation Center.




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