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Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Small Density Routers At-a-Glance

At a Glance

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Updated:March 9, 2021

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Updated:March 9, 2021

Table of Contents



Product overview

The next phase of network traffic explosion will be driven by use cases that make massive demands on communication service providers. Not only do these new-age applications stipulate greater data bandwidth, they also need to be complemented by ultrareliable, low-latency communications to deliver use cases like AR/VR media, UltraHD and new multimedia consumer experiences, massive IoT, tactile internet, smart cities, AI surveillance, and smart health and M2M applications such as smart meters.

Cisco® Network Convergence System 540 (NCS 540) Small Density Routers, part of the larger NCS 540 routers family, are compact 1RU systems designed for cost-effective delivery of next-generation services and applications for mobile and wireline.

Cisco® Network Convergence System 540


Cisco® Network Convergence System 540

What it does

Cisco Network Convergence System 540 (NCS 540) Small Density Routers are sub-100G-bandwidth, cost-effective, native 25G, carrier-class, I-Temp, conformal-coated, 232-mm-deep, ETSI-compliant, ultra-low-power, 1RU devices capable of Class C timing, best-in-class security, service exposure using NC/ YANG, streaming telemetry, and flexible rollouts using SDN. Built for deployment in any-gen RAN backhaul, sub-6 5G cell sites, Fixed-Wireless Access (FWA), small-cell BH, FTTx, utilities and mission-critical enterprise applications, and low-speed Ethernet rings, the three variants of NCS 540 Small Density Routers support a programmable SR fabric and EVPN as overlay for a unified end-toend architecture with cross-domain orchestration via the industry-leading IOS XR bundled with best-in-class services.


Right sized

Cell site routers based on Cisco IOS® XR extending Cisco’s 5G Converged SDN Transport to mobile towers with the smallest footprint, ever. Are you looking for capability to support different port speeds? NCS 540 Small Density Routers are designed to be versatile with multiple Ethernet interface options: 10/100/1000M and 1/10/25G.

Industry’s most secure access routers

With in-built trust anchor hardware infrastructure and anticounterfeit protection along with software-enabled security features such as secure boot, image signing, and run-time defense, NCS 540 Small Density Routers are the most trusted and secure platforms in the industry.

Native 25G interfaces

Only routers in the industry with native 25G interfaces in a sub-100G bandwidth form factor allowing seamless backhauling of 5G NR, cost-effectively.

Industry-leading SRv6 capabilities

NCS 540 routers support advanced segment routing (SRv4/v6) and EVPN features to help customers build next-generation programmable infrastructure.

5G advanced timing features

Most stringent 5G latency requirements will be efficiently managed with advanced timing capabilities such as G.8273.2 Class C Timing compliance, allowing you to offer business-critical, SLA-based services.

Power optimized

Both AC and DC variants have dual power supplies. Power consumption on these routers has been optimized with the latest design. With the NCS540 Small Density Routers, you can reduce power consumption to <70W maximum at full load (70C).

Designed for harsh environments

NCS540 Small Density Routers are designed to support the harshest environmental conditions. This routers is suitable for indoor or outdoor deployments: I-Temp and conformal-coated form factors conforming to GR-3108 class 2 and ETSI standards.


Now you can do more in less time with NCS540 Small Density Routers. True secure zero-touch provisioning with the Cisco Crosswork automation suite will enable you to configure securely and much faster than ever before.

Flexible consumption model

A pay-as-you-grow commercial offer permitting service providers to pool software licenses benefits them by lowering initial investments required to incubate new services, and then reduces their costs as demand grows organically. Having this ability to add capacity where needed helps address some of the uncertainty of launching a new service offering.

Call to action

Start your journey delivering cost-effective, next-generation services and applications for your customers with the NCS 540 Small Density Routers. For more information, please go to the data sheet.




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