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Updated:January 22, 2021

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Updated:January 22, 2021


Video traffic continues to grow rapidly. It would take more than 5 million years to watch the amount of video that will cross global IP networks each month in 2021. Every second, a million minutes of video content will cross the network. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) will carry 71 percent of Internet traffic by 2021. Content providers will need to scale their networks at speed to keep up with the demand for more video. Networks needs to be designed with “web-scale” in mind. A web-scale network needs to scale at deployment speed while being operationally simple. Network Convergence System 1004 uses state of the art silicon along with complete automation and real-time visibility to deliver a universal transponder solution that provides best-in-class performance for metro, long-haul and submarine applications while being simple to deploy and manage.

Product overview

The Cisco NCS 1004 (Figure 1) is a 2RU system, mechanically optimized to maximize capacity at minimum space and power footprint. The system uses a Linux kernel with the 64 bit IOS XR OS in a Linux Container (LxC) and admin plane operating in a separate LxC. It encompasses carrier-class software with a number of features such as machine-to-machine APIs based on YANG data models, streaming telemetry agent for real time, granular device monitoring and also an infrastructure for 3rd party applications.

The NCS 1004 has two redundant and field replaceable AC & DC power supply units and three redundant and field replaceable fans. It also provides a field replaceable controller card (Figure 1). The NCS 1004 has one main SSD removable from CPU controller unit which is field replaceable. In addition, a local non-removeable backup SSD is provided to store backup XR images and system customer configuration. Each NCS 1004 chassis provide four line card slots.

Cisco NCS 1004 Front and Rear Views

Figure 1.       

Cisco NCS 1004 Front and Rear Views

Features and benefits

NCS 1004 has a front to back airflow scheme. The air inlet is at the front side of the chassis and the exhaust is on the rear side. This ensures that the airflow is not obstructed or impeded by any object as it may lead to reduced airflow in the system, causing components to operate at a higher temperature. The controller is on the front side and the PSUs and the fan units are on the rear side of the chassis. NCS1004 can host upto 4xsingle slot NCS1004 line cards, but has been designed also to accommodate 2xdouble-high line cards.


The Cisco NCS 1004 provides comprehensive management capabilities to support Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning (OAM&P) through IOS-XR CLI, SNMP, Syslog, and XML. In addition, iPXE for automated software download and Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for automated configuration download are available for simplified installation. For machine-to-machine configuration and management of NCS 1004, NETCONF, RESTCONF and gRPC transport protocols with JSON, XML and GPB encoding are provided. OpenConfig protocols for management GNMI and operations GNOI are also supported. The NCS 1004 provides a set of native YANG models as well as the ability to map into any industry standard or customer defined YANG data models. For monitoring, NCS 1004 provides a streaming telemetry feature that relies on a push mechanism to disseminate user selected PM and status information at user specified frequencies at granular 10 second intervals. This improves monitoring speed and scale compared to traditional pull based mechanisms such as SNMP. The telemetry infrastructure also allows for events such as alarms, port-state changes to be notified.

The NCS 1004 can also support third party application hosting. Such an application can be hosted in a container or docker and can perform provisioning and monitoring on the NCS 1004.

Headless Operation

The headless operation allows for NCS 1004 data plane to operate errorless during software upgrades and when the controller card is either physically absent or in a failed state. The fault propagation will continue to operate for client and trunk failures without the presence of the controller module.

Product Specifications

Table 1.        Product Specifications

Feature Summary


Software Compatibility

IOS X.R 7.0.1 or above

Physical Dimensions

(NCS 1004)

Occupies 2RU and fits into 2 or 4 post 19inch, 600mm ETSI, 23inch racks.

Weight: 65 pounds/29.48Kg

Maximum Power Consumption


Typical Power Consumption


Common Units

2+1 FRU FANs

2KW 40-72 Vdc DC redundant PSU

2KW 90-264Vac AC redundant PSU

FRU Controller-5 ports(1 console, 2 RJ45 and 1 GE SFP management port, 2 USB3.0 with power delivery 1.8A @ 5V)


NCS1004 17.4” wide x 19” deep x 3.5” tall

NCS1K4-DC-PSU 2.9” wide x 7.4” deep x 3.1” tall

NCS1K4-AC-PSU 2.9” wide x 7.4” deep x 3.1” tall

NCS1K4-FAN 3.3” wide x 6.9” deep x 3.2” tall

NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 6.4” wide x 11” deep x 1.1” tall


NCS 1004 9.73 Kg(empty chassis)

NCS1K4-DC-PSU 1.39 Kg

NCS1K4-AC-PSU 1.28 Kg

NCS1K4-FAN 0.8 Kg

NCS1K4-CNTLR-K9 1.08 Kg


Attention LED

Client and DWDM port LEDs

  No alarms
  Minor alarms

Critical and Major alarms


  All 3 FANs are present and running

One or more FANs are absent or failed


  2 PSUs present and operational

2 PSUs are not fully operational











Regulatory Compliance

Table 2 lists regulatory compliance information for the chassis. Note that all compliance documentation may not be completed at the time of product release. Please check with your Cisco sales representative for countries that are not listed below.

Table 2.     Regulatory Compliance

ANSI System

ETSI System

Countries and Regions Supported

  United States
  European Union
  European Union
  New Zealand
  Saudi Arabia
  South America


  CSA C22.2 #60950-1 – Edition 7, March 2007
  UL 60950-1 - Edition 2, 2014
  IEC 60950-1 Information technology equipment Safety Part 1: General requirements - Edition 2, 2005 + Amendment 1 2009 + Amendment 2 2013
  EN 60950-1: Edition 2 (2006) Information technology equipment - Safety - Part 1: General requirements + A11:2009 + A1:2010 + A12:2011 + A2:2013
  CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD): 2014/35/EC


  21CFR1040 (2008/04) (Accession Letter and CDRH Report) Guidance for Industry and FDA Staff (Laser Notice No. 56), May 2019
  IEC 60825-1: 2014-05 Ed. 3.0Safety of laser products Part 1: Equipment classification, requirements and users guide
  IEC60825-2 Ed.3.2 (2010) Safety of laser products Part 2: Safety of optical fibre communication systems


  ITU-T G.691
  ITU-T G.975


  TR-NWT-000332, Issue 4, Method 1 calculation for 20-year Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

Ordering information

Part Number



Network Convergence System 1004 4 line card slots


NCS1004 Assemble To Order


Network Convergence System 1004 Controller


Network Convergence System 1004 Fan


Network Convergence System 1004 AC Power Supply Unit


Network Convergence System 1004 AC Power Supply Cable


Network Convergence System 1004 AC Power Supply Cable EU


NCS1004 power cord C21-C14 2 meter long


NCS1004 power cord C21-C14 4.25 meter long


Network Convergence System 1004 DC Power Supply Unit


NCS 1004 IOS XR Software Release 7.2.1 RTU- USB key


NCS 1K - R7.2.1 SW, NCS1004-No RTU


Mechanical assembly for NCS1004 air filter


Network Convergence System 1004 Air Filter


NCS1004 mounting brackets for 19 inch rack


The following are the warranty:

      Hardware warranty duration: 5 years

      Software warranty duration: 1 year

      Hardware replacement, repair, or refund procedure: Cisco or our service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part for delivery within 15 working days after receipt of the defective product at Cisco’s site. Actual delivery times of replacement products may vary depending on customer location.

Your formal warranty statement appears in the Cisco Information Packet that accompanies your Cisco product.

Product warranty terms and other information applicable to Cisco products are available at:

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