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Cisco Plus FAQ

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Updated:April 5, 2021

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Updated:April 5, 2021

Table of Contents



Cisco Plus overview

Q.  What is Cisco Plus?
A.  Cisco Plus is, our new brand for cross-portfolio solutions as-a-service. It represents Cisco’s commitment to deliver our portfolio with as-a-service and consumption-based offers designed to simplify operations and gain IT agility. The initial offers will include hybrid cloud and will later expand to a broader catalog of services that will be built and delivered with our partner ecosystem.
Q.  What are the benefits of Cisco Plus?
A.  While other vendors are focused on consumption, Cisco is focused on outcomes and experiences.
With Cisco Plus, we continue to offer customer choice – including consumption, third party solutions and more. Cisco Plus is designed to simplify IT by fitting and adapting to your operations – Simplified IT, your way.
The three core benefits of Cisco Plus are:
Simple: Easy to consume and use with a cloud-first, unified experience that provides choice, allowing customers to pay as they use and change as they need.
In a world of rising complexity, you need easier ways to consume and run technologies across your diverse IT environment.
Cisco offers flexible delivery models tailored to your unique organization, so you can achieve your business goals. We simplify IT deployments with a cloud-first approach. And we provide choice, allowing you to pay as you use and change as you need.
Predictable: Highly secure and predictable services that deliver business results and consistent experience. Cisco future proofs your investments with a partner you can trust.
When running your business operations on another company’s platform, you need a partner that puts your business first and ensure objectives are met and costs are managed. Cisco has a proven track record to deliver the most highly reliable environments with best-in-class security built in. We help you connect, secure, and automate, so you can accelerate your digital agility and deliver results.
Intelligent: Services that adapt to customer requirements using insights and automation to optimize use, resolve issues quickly and protect the business.
Business cycles are difficult to forecast, and you need services that adapt to the dynamic rhythm of your organization. Cisco provides full-stack observability enhanced with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML).
Q.  What are the initial offerings?
A.  The Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud will include the following flexible consumption offerings:

      Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Bare Metal Compute

      Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

      Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Virtualization

      Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Edge Compute

      Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for DC (data center) Networking

Additional details regarding flexible consumption offerings:



Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Bare Metal Compute

  Cisco UCS ® bare-metal servers

Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for VDI

  Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure with third-party VDI

Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Virtualization

  Cisco UCS servers and or HyperFlex virtual server infrastructure

Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for Edge Compute

  HyperFlex Edge

Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud for DC Networking

  Cisco Nexus ® 9000 Series switches with Nexus Dashboard
  Cisco MDS 9000 Series Multilayer Switches with Cisco ® Data Center Network Manager
Q.  What are the consumption models for the initial offerings?
A.  For the initial offers, Cisco will provide a commerce portal that allows customers to choose from the buying model that best matches their business needs.
Pay per use:
This model provides maximum flexibility on service capacity from 0-100% commit. It allows you to scale up or down as your business changes and is ideal for seasonal or hard-to-predict scenarios. You select a reserved service capacity for your organization and then can expand as your needs vary.
Pay as you grow:
Ideal for high-growth organizations, this model provides buffer for growth in services needed. It lets you commit to a known service capacity and allows flexibility to gain additional capacity as your business needs change.
Q.  What countries are the initial offerings available in?
A.  The initial as-a-service offerings are available as a limited release in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands.

Cisco Plus benefits

Q.  What is the vision for Cisco Plus?
A.  Our vision includes the following:

      Radically simplify operations by unifying cross-architecture technologies from edge to cloud into a seamless as-a-service. Enable IT to accelerate business innovation while delivering a great customer experience

      Empower the most secure and agile IT, so that it can quickly adapt to changing business needs with flexible deployment options that fit their operations

      Connect and secure access to applications, data, and the internet for remote workers, fixed locations, workloads, and IoT or internet-facing devices

      Enable zero trust by verifying the identity of users and the health of their devices to secure access to applications

      Optimize IT investment to lower costs while ensuring the end user experience using machine intelligence

      Deliver services that customers can trust to run across their business with high security and reliability

      Provide the industry’s most extensible platform that allows partners to leverage Cisco assets with other capabilities to scale to customer unique business requirements.

Q.  What are the differentiators of the Cisco Plus portfolio?
A.  World-class hardware, software, and APIs: Cisco delivers industry-leading technologies from Cisco and its technology partners across networking, security, applications, and cloud designed to meet the diverse operating environments of our customers. Now we are bringing best-in-class cross-portfolio technologies into a seamless solution as-as-service, easier to buy and use while delivering unparalleled experiences. In partnership with Cisco provider partners, you can expect the highest standard across the full lifecycle of services – a standard that the Cisco brand has represented in the industry for decades.
Flexible buying options with shared ownership: Cisco expands how customers can consume technology, from traditional infrastructure acquisition, to software buying options, to enterprise agreements, to as-a-service flexible consumption. With Cisco Plus, you can pay per use with the ability to scale up or down, pay as you grow, or fully reserve capacity depending on your need for scaling capacity and optimizing cost. Matching a wide range of customer needs, Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud offers 50% - 100% usage commitment up front, with order delivery within 14 days for some standard configurations.
Simple dashboard views on service usage: Cisco makes it easy to track service usage through simple dashboards, allowing you to understand business trends and determine future investments. Cisco offers both cloud and managed-service implementations, depending on your preference to self-manage or leverage professional services.
Machine intelligence for optimizing service: Not only do you pay for what you use, but Cisco’s machine intelligence will help tell you the best way to run your service to optimize for performance and minimize expenditure.
Ecosystem choice: Cisco and our Cisco provider partners bring a large technology ecosystem to allow you to run your operations according to the needs of your business.
Q.  How does Cisco Plus affect other buying options from Cisco?
A.  Cisco focuses on providing customer choice and will continue to provide multiple options for consuming Cisco products, including hardware and software buying options, enterprise agreements, leasing, and more.

Cisco Plus strategy

Q.  What is the Cisco Plus Experience portal?
A.  As we continue to deliver on our as-a-service strategy, we will introduce the Cisco Plus Experience in the near future. This is a self-service engagement portal that will simplify and facilitate the entire customer lifecycle experience. It will allow customers and partners to learn about, trial, consume, adopt, upgrade, and track usage of Cisco’s as-a-service portfolio. Customers transform from buying products and solutions to an end-to-end experience and outcomes with a flexible consumption model using this intuitive interface. Services can be easily ordered and quickly deployed on site by Cisco and our channel partners.
Q.  What is Cisco's vision for network as-a-service (NaaS)?
A.  Our vision for Cisco Plus NaaS solutions is to combine our best-in-class networking, security, and observability capabilities into unified subscription services that are easy to consume and use, and more importantly, deliver an unparalleled experience. 

Future Cisco Plus offers will provide: 

      Seamless and secure on-ramps to applications and cloud providers

      Full stack observability from the infrastructure to the application

      Unified policy to ensure the right users have access to the right applications

      Security integrated across everything, not bolted on as another point solution

      IT optimization based on AI-driven insights to realize greater business benefit and improved ROI

      Flexible delivery models, including usage-based, pay per use or pay as you grow options

      Complete cloud-delivered solutions and management to solve the most challenging problems enterprises face today

      Integrated hardware, software, and services with API extensibility that can be onboarded simply 

      Partners layering additional value-add functionality  and delivering their services faster

On our journey to NaaS, we will initially focus on Cisco’s Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. Cisco will converge networking and security in the cloud with end-to-end observability from the user all the way to the application, over any cloud and any network. All core components of our SASE architecture will be available in a single offer, which will be orderable by mid-CY21. We will offer the flexibility to easily transition to a unified subscription service in the future.

Cisco SASE offer

Q.  What is included in the Cisco SASE offer?
A.  The Cisco SASE offer combines the core components of a SASE architecture, including:

      Cloud security with Cisco Umbrella

      SD-WAN powered by vManage or Meraki

      Zero Trust Network Access with Cisco Secure Access powered by Duo

      Observability with ThousandEyes

The Cisco SASE offer provides an easy way to purchase the complete Cisco SASE architecture today, with the ability to transition to a single subscription service in the future.
Q.  How are the Cisco SASE offer and a Cisco DNA Premier subscription different?
A.  The Cisco SASE offer is a more complete SASE offering than a Cisco DNA Premier subscription. While both include Cisco Umbrella and SD-WAN, only the Cisco SASE offer includes Zero Trust Network Access with Cisco Secure Access powered by Duo, and deep network performance visibility with ThousandEyes. The SASE offer provides more flexibility in taking advantage of Umbrella enhancement features (such as L7 CDFW and in the future options for DLP add on or SIG Advantage) and permits greater flexibility in selecting license quantities (Cisco DNA Premier offers fixed license counts). Additionally, the Cisco SASE offer is available with Meraki devices, where Cisco DNA Premier is not.
Q.  If I buy the Cisco SASE offer, what happens to my investment once the single subscription service becomes available?
A.  The Cisco SASE offer provides all of the core building blocks of a secure access service edge architecture today, making it easier than ever to begin your journey to SASE. This offer allows organizations to start using all of the core SASE components immediately. Cisco will look to include a built-in investment protection mechanism to support customer transition to the single subscription service, once available.

Next steps

To learn how Cisco Plus can help your organization on its journey, please contact Cisco Sales or your Cisco registered partner contact.

For more information, visit cisco.com/go/ciscoplus



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