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Cisco IP Phone 8811

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Cisco IP Phone 8865

Cisco IP Phone 8811Cisco IP Phone 8831Cisco IP Phones 8832Cisco IP Phone 8841Cisco IP Phone 8845Cisco IP 8851Cisco IP Phone 8861Cisco IP Phone 8865
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High-definition video (720p)----Yes--Yes
Integral switchGigabit--GigabitGigabitGigabitGigabitGigabit
Programmable (line) keys51155555
Bluetooth/DECT-DECT (mics)DECT (mics)-BluetoothBluetoothBluetoothBluetooth
Cisco Intelligent Proximity----YesYesYesYes
USB (physical ports)--Yes--122
Wi-Fi (802.11n)------YesYes

For additional details, consult our endpoint matrix.