Experience Platforms

Digitize Your Business for Success

Gain insights and take action in a hyper-distributed world.

Enrich Your Applications to Engage People in Context

The Cisco Connected Experiences software helps deliver improved user interactions based on real-time and relevant information created out on the network – leveraging information on a person's location or from nearby sensors to deliver timely and relevant information. Whether you are engaging shoppers, guests, tourists, or your remote workforce, you can improve their experience with enhanced applications for mobile devices, fixed displays, and radio communications.

Connected Experiences

Enrich applications to deliver personalized and immediately relevant experiences to customers, patients, citizens, and employees.

Engage with the Right Person with the Right Information at the Right Time

Delivering personalized and helpful experiences requires incorporating the growing amount of new and immediately relevant information created out on the network - information on a person's location or sensor data regarding changing conditions.

Cisco's Connected Experiences software enables more personalized interactions by incorporating information like a person's location or from nearby sensors to enrich mobile, kiosk and first responder applications.

Our experiences platforms support a new level of intimacy with users, while gathering data that will shape those relationships in the future. Use our platforms to help you:

  • Provide timely, location-aware information through mobile apps, interactive kiosks, and digital signage
  • Quickly respond to business opportunities with prebuilt mobile experience kits
  • Deploy interoperable networks that unite diverse field communications systems
  • Reduce costs and improve customer service by centralizing experts to advise and assist users remotely

Cisco Connected Experiences software includes our Enterprise Mobility Services Platform, the Interactive Experience Platform, and Instant Connect. These software capabilities offer more personalized connection with customers, patients, citizens, and first responders.