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United States Sales Tax

United States Sales Tax

General Sales Tax Information

Sales tax is a destination tax in the United States. The ship-to state on the order determines the sales tax rate.

The states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not levy a sales tax. Cisco is registered to collect sales tax in all other states. (Please note that the city of Juneau, Alaska imposes a city tax rate. Cisco is registered with the city of Juneau, and is required to charge the Juneau city tax on orders delivered into Juneau, Alaska.)

Because of the legal obligation to the states in which Cisco is registered, the company must collect sales tax on all customer orders. Sales tax does not have to be collected if proper documentation exempting the customer from sales tax is provided, or if the product or service sold is exempt for the ship-to state.

Documentation Required for Exempting Customer from Sales Tax

  • Cisco-generated Customer Identification (CID) number
  • Purchase Order (PO) number
  • Sales Order (SO) number
  • State-Specific Exemption Certificate, Resale Certificates, or Direct Pay Permit

A Resale Certificate is an agreement between Cisco and its customer (the bill-to name on the invoice), stating:

  • Customer's legal name and address
  • Cisco legal name and address
  • Customer's retailer identification number
  • Reason for exemption
  • Types of items applicable to certificate
  • Date & Signature

A Direct Pay Permit is a permit issued by the state after a company has applied to pay all sales and use tax directly to the state, instead of to the vendors. A photocopy of the direct pay permit is required if no tax is to be included on the invoice.

A State-Specific Exemption Certificate is a form issued by the state.

A Communication Exemption

Please note that business licenses or business permits are not considered acceptable documentation to exempt purchases from sales tax.

How to Obtain Resale and Exemption Certificates

Most states have their own resale certificate forms. Some states require copies of the state-issued sales tax certificate to be issued to the vendors. Other states will accept a multi-jurisdiction form that requests the same information, but lists multiple states.

Please note that not all states allow this form to apply to services purchased for resale purposes. For this reason, the state-specific forms are preferred.

Printable, state-specific exemption and resale certificates are provided by Cisco.

Process to Submit Resale and Exemption Certificates to Cisco

External Cisco: Please use the customer support link above to submit tax certificates.

Internal Cisco: Please create a case through customer service hub and search by "Sales Tax".